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Janet Blevins Level 1 (5 points)
I just downloaded to iTunes an upgrade for an app (CreditCardTerminal 3.11) & then discovered this version should NOT be installed on original iPhones. I haven't synced yet, so I still have the correct version 3.10 on the iPhone.

How can I delete 3.11 from iTunes and then re-sync 3.10 from the phone back to iTunes? When I mark iTunes to delete the app, I get a warning that syncing will delete it from the iPhone too. The one slim hope I see is that it might not delete version 3.10 on the iPhone when I delete 3.11 in iTunes if it sees them as separate apps?

Original iPhone, Mac OS X (10.5.8), iPhone OS 3.2
  • qbie Level 1 (5 points)
    I would have thought this was possible, however it seems to have been overlooked.

    People with iPads are in the same situation, if they inadvertantly download an iOS4 updated app (which previously worked on 3.x) into their iTunes library, and have to reset their device, they will be unable to sync that app across.

    I know iTunes puts the old version of the app into the Recycle Bin/Trash, however I would not expect the vast majority of users to be aware of this, and to even realise the differences between iOS versions.

    Would it not be an idea for Apple to allow people to download the last known version of an app that was compatible with a certain OS version? Or to choose a "preferred device" or similar in their iTunes account so it will automatically filter the results? The user base of original iPhones and iPod Touches must be pretty large.
  • Janet Blevins Level 1 (5 points)
    qbie, you raise a good point. Would it not be possible, then, to pull the older version (3.10) from the Trash, since I haven't emptied it, and switch it back into the folder (User > Music > iTunes> Mobil Applications), putting the newer version (3.11) in the Trash?

    Or is that too simple? I'm always hesitant to play around with items in folders like iTunes and iPhoto, but that would be my solution for most other small utility-like applications.
  • qbie Level 1 (5 points)

    Just copying the file into your iTunes library folder wouldn't do it, as iTunes would still be looking for the newer version.

    I think if you can delete the app from inside iTunes, then copy the old version onto your desktop and double click it, this should reload it into iTunes ready for use.

    Just make sure you keep a backup copy of that old app in case something goes wrong!