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Scott F. Level 2 (155 points)
Today I used the Airport Utility to erase my Time Capsule and start fresh with a new MacBookPro. I then went into Time Machine in system preferences to select the Time Capsule as my backup disc. When I try to run a backup I get a pop up window telling me that the "network backup disk could not be accessed because there was a problem with the network username or password. Open Time Machine prefs to select the network backup disk and re-enter the correct username and password".

First of all, the Time Capsule itself doesn't have a "username". There's the name of the TC itself and then just a password. I even re-set the password to make sure I was using the right one, but this still didn't solve the problem. What else could it be?


MBP 2.4 Intel Core i5, Mac OS X (10.6.3), 4GB RAM