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Whenever I try to access any of my applications that have push notifications (Facebook, Mint, Streak for Cash, etc.), I am given a popup that says "Connect to iTunes for Push Notifications". I have connected to iTunes many many times, tried syncing, tried restores, and now I tried upgrading to iOS 4.0. Nothing has worked. I tried turning off Push Notifications (although this isn't really a fix) and all it did was give me a different pop-up to turn on Push notifications. This is a phone that is completely normal, nothing unusual has been done to it.

Please let me know how I can stop these pop-ups. In the case of Mint that requires a password, it essentially prevents me from using the application because it constantly requires me to reenter my password after the pop-up comes up again and again.

Thanks for your help.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4
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    There are a few other threads in this forum regarding this issue. It appears to me that this was once an issue with the iPhone, but has now started up again after the upgrade to iOS 4. My iPod Touch is ~ 2 years old and has had absolutely no problems. It is not jailbroken or altered in any way.

    This pop-up started for me after upgrading to iOS 4. I did the restore to factory, reinstalled my apps and the problem returned. It appears my push notifications are working, which is good, but I have to click through the pop-up every time I enter an app that uses notifications.

    This will go away when Apple fixes it.