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Hi, I know what happened to my iPhone 3G. Today, it was working perfectly but this night, the home button stop working. So I closed it with the top button, once restarted, the home button wasn't working. But then, it became really slow, everything had a delay of 6 seconds. I try to restart it but it got stuck the shutdown circle animation. And without the home button, I couldn't hard reset it. But suddenly, the screen goes black and now, nothing work. But when I plug it on my mac, iTunes display an error 0xE8000065.

Jeez, I totally lost. I was waiting for the iPhone 4 but I don't when it gonna release in Canada. The closest AppleStore is at 250km.

I'm quite ****** off!

iPhone 3G, iOS 4
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    Please, I'm almost about to try to jb it since the ptool seems to be able to see it.
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    Well, since the screen is black, and it doesn't recognize my finger, I can't put it on dfu so, i'm quite f**ked up. I can't see what I can do to restart it. Or even start it, I can't call to it.
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    Woot, it finally shutdown after running out of batteries. I'm charging it, then I'll see if the home button works again.
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    The home button is still not working.

    Could it be hardware, which is hard to understand since I haven't drop it or it didn't receive any hit.


    PS: Am I talking alone?
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    Well, I opened my iphone and I saw the problem. A connector from the home button is broken. So I order a replacement on ebay, 3.99$. Hopefully, it will be easy to replace.

    PS: Thanks for all the answers. Not even one reply.
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    Hey, I just read your thread. I just signed on and am having the same issue. Did you get the replacement part? And if so, did it work? I am very close to taking it into the Genius Bar and have them look at it. The phone, however, was given to me from a friend and not under any kind of warranty.