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    I can't promise that this is the right solution for everyone but I wanted to share my experience with the community in hopes that the last two days of my frustration may help someone else out there.

    It started when I upgraded from 3.1.3 to 4.0. Prior to the upgrade, everything was fine - no complaints, no problems - life was great. I upgraded using iTunes which made a backup, loaded the new OS and Firmware, then restored my settings and re-synced my music, apps, photos and videos. Almost immediately, I noticed that everything was extremely laggy. Additionally, many apps would crash while loading. I tried the 'hard-reset' method multiple times with no positive results. After about an hour of trying to using the new OS, I decided I wanted to go back to 3.1.3. I initially did not know how to accomplish this so I took it the local Apple Store. At first, they said "no problem" when I asked for them to reload 3.1.3. After a few attempts, they told that was not possible because the 4.0 OS loads a firmware upgrade that cannot be downgraded. This turned out to be true (even if you successfully downgrade the OS to 3.1.3, the firmware does not downgrade). So they installed a 'fresh' copy (one without my settings and media) of 4.0 and I left the store with the phone responding normally.

    However, when I got home and restored my settings and media using iTunes, the phone went back to being laggy. Having enough of that, I followed the instructions to revert back to 3.1.3. It was successful (thankfully I found the old 3.1.3 backups and OS file on my computer). Now I was back to 3.1.3 and the phone was running like a champ - I was happy again. That is until I unplugged it from the charger. My battery was running down about a percent per minute without even being used. It was draining from a full charge to dead in less than three and a half hours. I was about to pull my hair out because I want an iPhone 4.0 but refuse to by one as 'fix' for my current problem. I fully intend on keeping my 3G around as a iPod Touch when I get my new phone.

    My assumptions for my problems is as follows: the settings from my 3.1.3 backup were conflicting with the 4.0 software and/or firmware causing the slow down & battery drain. The it hit me - I've been looking at the situation all wrong. From my experience with Windows' upgrades, its always better to perform a 'fresh' install over an upgrade. It just prevents a lot of problems down the road. So that's what I did.

    *The Solution for 4.0 on 3G iPhones:* (At least for me)
    Recommendation: Don't upgrade to 4.0 unless you really have to! If you can live with 3.1.3, do so. The only benefits of 4.0 on the 3G is app folders and combined inboxes for email (assuming you have multiple email accounts)
    Warning: you will lose any contacts not sync'd from your computer, saved games, text messages, photos in the Camera Roll folder and call logs. It's going to be some work but if you have to have 4.0, its worth it.

    Step 1: Using the screen capture feature of the iPhone, capture all of your custom settings for the iPhone and any apps that have settings as well. Also, take screen captures of each menu page so you'll know where you had each of your apps located.

    Step 2: Connect to your computer and copy the photos you took in Step 1 to a location you can easily find later. Also verify that all of your media, contacts (if using Outlook, etc.) & Apps are sync'd to iTunes.

    Step 3: After you're certain that you've captured your settings and verified your media is available somewhere other than your iPhone (iTunes for example), erase all data from your iPhone. {Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Setting} The phone will tell you that this will take two hours. However, in reality, it took only 25 minutes for me and I only had 500 MB of 16 GB available. In the long run, this may be a redundant step but I did because I always format my hard drives when reloading a fresh copy of an OS.

    Step 4: After the erase is complete, connect to iTunes and click on "Restore". This should load 4.0 regardless of what you currently have loaded.

    Step 5: When 4.0 has completed it's installation, iTunes will ask if you would like to setup the iPhone as a new iPhone or restore data from a previous backup. This is the IMPORTANT step - Choose "Setup as a new iPhone"!

    Step 6: Disconnect the iPhone. From this point on, treat it as if it is a new phone you just received from the store. Now, using the photos you took in step 1, setup all of the iPhone options the way you had (or want) them. Reset the phone by powering it off and then back on again.

    Step 7: Sync your contacts and music. After this is done, use iTunes to setup your menu pages and sync your Apps.

    Step 8: Continue using the step 1 photos to setup your Apps. Then reset the phone by shutting it off completely and powering it back up.

    Step 9: Connect to iTunes, allow it to make the backup of your iPhone, and sync any remaining items you want to have on your iPhone.

    I know this is a lot of work, but after trying everything else, this is what finally worked for me. After three days of frustration and hours of troubleshooting and setup, My iPhone is now running just as good as it did with 3.1.3, including battery performance, with the following few exceptions:

    A) Out of 90 Apps loaded, one (Yahoo Music) does not work at all and one (Weather Channel) has a minor bug that does not affect the main functions of the App. {Minor bugs like these are to be expected with any major OS upgrade}

    B) When using Safari, if I use more than 3 browser windows, depending on the sites viewed, everything slows down.

    C) In my photo library, 20 photos (out of 4500) are rotated incorrectly. It may just be me however, because the photos in question are all from the same camera which is not the one I usually use.

    I truly hope this keeps at least one person from having to go through what I did.

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    im in the uk, but in the states could you take it back and just ask for a refund
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    I'm also experiencing these issues. The update went smoothly, but the phone feels like it's running through molasses. Worst is trying to use the keyboard, especially in Safari. I find that I'm always about twelve keystrokes ahead of the screen, and it's all but impossible to type at any reasonable speed (I'm a pretty fast typist). I've tried a hard reset twice now, and did a full Restore, all to no avail. I have a screenshot of what happens when I'm typing in Safari, if anyone wants to see it.

    I love the new features, but it's really painful trying to use the phone. I'm going to try uninstalling every app to see if that might be a cause, but that's a pretty extreme solution, imho.
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    Nice try ... my iPhone doesn't ask me to hard reset or not.
    It does it pretty often, and that doesn't change anything.

    Better stop this type of 'answers' here...
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    Really APPLE, get it together. This is terrible. And we're all still paying for this crappy service. Nothing works right. It's all slow as molasses and apps crash constantly.
    The only solution I've found is to restart the iphone. The only problem is that it works great for about 1.5 minutes, then it's back to the "why am i paying for this" speed.
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    Here here!!
    SuperHomer's post is an honest perspective. I do the same thing when I am restoring any software based system. Reformat and load a fresh OS. My 3G was hopelessly sow after the upgrade. I then did the Restore as New Phone procedure and although is is still a bit slow it is consistent and i don't experience the lag issues as much. They are still there but no worse than 3.1.3.
    We must realize the 3G is two generations old. Not old by time standards but old but revision standards. Time moves very fast in this industry. I think we as users need to be aware of that. If we want to keep up with the cool it is going to cost money. The iPhone for is leaps and bounds ahead of the 3G technologically an OS designed for the new is going to feel slow on the old. The same has been true with desktops since the beginning. The pace of advancement has just moved so much faster that we think a two year old phone should still run the current OS. The fact that they limited features says quite a bit. There are hardware limitations with the 3g.
    I say do the restore as new and live with the performance or downgrade back to 3.1.3 I know this can be done. I haven't researched it but I plan to stay with iOS4. The gains of single inbox, folders, spell check, and note sync are worth it to me. I have ordered an iPhone 4. I pln to keep the 3G as an iTouch and to play with developing. the later may not pan out if the SDK won't run right on a 3G.
    If you are at all worried about performance you may not want to update.
    Yes it is sad that the pace is so fast that a two year old phone is out of the running. At the Keynote they did move the 3G off the screen. You can't buy them anymore so I suspect that Apple has decided that they aren't worth fully supporting.
    I would love an option built into iTunes that will, One, warn you that an upgrade may limit performance and Two, give you the choice to opt out. I guess that like selling phones too much right?
    The choice, Pay the upgrade piper or be careful what you install and run what you have. That does limit your participation in the cool but you will get a usable device for a number of years.


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    i just left my iphone on charge and i forgot when it was on the charger on the computer the iphone was in my pocket when i stood up the wire got yanked and it wont even switch on ive tried pressing the on button and the charging wires gone bent
    what do i do ?
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    I have been trying to resolve these issues since Monday -- The arrogance of Apple is incredible. While on hold this morning with Apple - I search the web and came across several discussion boards on the "3G - OS4" and found my experience was not (as I was led to believe) an isolated incident. What makes my situation different (and uncomfortable) is that I purchased my phone NEW less than 30 days ago and neither Apple or AT&T wants to deal with me - and my customer rights. When I mentioned these boards to Apple their response was 'millions of people have the same phone with the upgrade - only a handful (of idiots) are posting'. Maybe an online petition might make a stronger point?
    Outline (for anyone considering updating to this OS on a 3G - 3GS I believe less problematic if at all):
    1) Everything will work fine - until it gets very slow, pages won't close, settings will not hold
    2) You will go to make a call and your contacts are gone -
    3) If you use any other GMail - you'll suddenly find years of sent email copied)
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    Ranger94, wow sounds like you got a horrible service response. I have to admit that the only reason I ever came to the boards was to find out why my phone isn't working. I'd be curious to see how many new users are here, because, well there often is no other reason to visit the message board.

    I think overall the anger and frustration we're all feeling has much to do with our strong faith and love of Apple products. Deep down it's not just that we simply love our Apple stuff, we believe in Apple. When something like this happens combined with a string of really odd blunders, it's painful. When my electronics of any other brand go haywire, sure I'm upset but then I say to myself, "I get what I paid for". When I buy apple, I usually say "Look at this finely crafted and intuitive product".

    So, I just want to point out that much of this frustration is quite personal. For you to have had that kind of "handful (of idiots) are posting" comment is kind of heart breaking and makes me fearful that there is some change in Apple culture going on that's not quality focused.
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    Just to add my voice to the chorus, my 3G is unbelievably slow since the upgrade to OS v4.
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    hey i have 3G iphone and just upgraded to bloody OS4 and it would not charge anymore and would not go on wifi either...any ideas what to do?
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    My reply was "I sure wish this call was recorded...(followed by)...I sure wish I recorded this call." Honestly, I am new to APPLE with this phone - having lived with 'rave reviews' about their customer service and products. For three days (before upgrade) I enjoyed the greatest piece of electronics in my life.

    All that said - (and trying to put a 'happy face' on things) -- I think APPLE is in the midst of multiple problems. I saw the lawsuits being filed by I Phone 4 customers - I mean how long did they have their phones before suing? Hours? They made an obvious major error in the updating on ITUNES - 3G's (maybe the 8 Gig 3GS as well) should not have been deemed 'qualified'. Like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar - their immediate 'stance' was to plead innocent. In time, I fully expect them to step up and take responsibility.
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    SuperHomer, Don't you loose your paid apps when you setup as a "new phone"?; ie, even when you get a new phone, don't you have to select to restore from backup?
    Were you able to sync all of your paid apps to the 3G restored as a "new phone"?
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    BIG THX from Hungary:)))))
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    researchalyst wrote:
    SuperHomer, Don't you loose your paid apps when you setup as a "new phone"?; ie, even when you get a new phone, don't you have to select to restore from backup?
    Were you able to sync all of your paid apps to the 3G restored as a "new phone"?

    I'm not sure how the apps are registered. It could go by serial number or even because I named my 'new' phone identically to the old one. In the end, all of my apps transferred without a problem.
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