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  • Martyvanv Level 1 (0 points)
    The signal and RF boost story sound credible. But I'm still convinced it's not just that. I Still think it's hardware (batch) related. Did exactly the same tests with my wife's iPhone. Here's zero reboots, mine everytime. Mine is now in repair.
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    My reboot story if it helps

    My iphone 16gb 3GS updated fine to 4.1 with no problems.
    My wifes 16gb 3GS crashed during update with error 29. This forced a restore which also triggered error 29. Catch 22 you cannot go anywhere now. You cannot revert to previous firmware as apple/itunes replaces old firmware file with latest firmware. I couldn't get around this and after 6 hours of trying everything i got my hands on another laptop, installed itunes on it and it restored the phone. Then the dreaded reboot every 5 mins problem arrived.

    The phone is only 2 weeks old so my wife went to the o2 store she bought it in (Irelands iphone carrier) and they said contact apple. She said she bought the phone in that store and wanted a replacement and not to be dealing with apple etc Irelands consumer law says go back to the shop you buy anything in if you are not happy etc. The shop said its "apple way" or no way whereby we reminded them that we fought for our independence as a nation and "apple way" doesn't supercede Irish consumer law. (Getting revolutionary now )

    O2 agreed to send the iphone off to apple for repair and it returned today. It is the same phone as the plastic cover is the same (I can tell from the bubbles). The phone is now stable and hasn't rebooted since. We have no idea what they did to the phone. I suspect software change but they may have opened it up and done some hardware change.

    In summary lobby your supplier/carrier/apple as you won't sort this out on your own at home. I also found the guys on the O2 support forum in Ireland to be very helpful during the 6 hours of ****. They also concluded the phone needed to go to apple.

    Hope this is some help to all (It should help our westport friend)

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  • madmke Level 1 (0 points)
    Same problem .....
  • Ck4 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hello all,
    I reported my Problem (and the Problem of everyone here) some Pages ago...

    Last Weekend i was realy realy angry about this and near to put this IPhone or now Ipod Touch ^^ against the Wall or something, but lucky for him it would be an expensive way to solve the Anger so i decide to make a appointment with a Genius in the Apple Store which is just 20 Minutes from me ^^

    Yesterday i went to the Apple Store. I reported my Problems to the Genius and he checked my Phone with his Mac and his Tools. The tool listed on the "Modemreboots" and the Genius immediately said, "OK I need more not at all to verify the result is already far too high and unacceptable,"! He gave me two options to choose from. First, go home and reset the iphone and restore it or replace it immediately to a "new" Ok this is a refurbished! But he told me it would mean that the iPhone is BRAND NEW, but it could be the individual chips were reused. I decided immediately to the second possibility, and exchanged my iphone for a new one. I was still in my warranty so I had to pay nothing, only two signatures, a short activation and I was ready and happy and went home

    At home I copied my backup onto the phone and then updated to OS4.01

    The genius also said that since the update to OS4.0 many people have come with problems different types...

    I have no more reboots since yesterday, I will report if the Problem returns.... hopefully not !!!!!!!!

    So if you are in warranty go to the Store and change it... it must be a hardware problem which is triggered by the update or the individual hardware device is not compatible with the update...

    My experience: Top service from Apple
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    Can some one help please!! I have been looking for an email address to any Apple store (with support) in europe and I can't find a single address any where. My problem is that here in Finland where I live there is no Apple Store. I called the place where I got the phone and all they said was that it is a firmware problem and you just have to wait for a update. BUT they allso said that you can always bring it in for a repair but probebly they will not find a problem with it.

    What the **** should I do!!!????
    I think I will turn it if for a repair and allso try to contact Apple, so please let me know if you have an email address to them!!
  • Robban78 Level 1 (0 points)
    I did and there was just an answering machine saying that I have to contact Sonera (the place I got the phone).
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    Did you hang up right away or did you hold the line? In Ireland I rang, pressed 1 for iPhone, it told me to ring my provider for activation, but when I stayed on the line I got into a queue for an agent.
  • Robban78 Level 1 (0 points)
    I did hang up right away! Tomorrow I have to try it again and see if they will answer (if my lovely iPhone will let me talk that long)

    lol and another thing! I am sending a mail to apple (through their webpage) and I wrote what the problem was and when I clicked send it said "The maximum number of characters allowed for this field is 250, please edit this field." Oh you try to explain the problem with only 250 characters
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    "Oh you try to explain the problem with only 250 characters"

    Simple... "I didn't choose an iPhone for you to release firmware that has not gone through a full test procedure and has gimped my device. FIX IT!"
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    I have the same problem! Phone rebooted 3 times inside 10 minutes!!! Hangs on Apple logo then reverts back to normal!
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    Just to add my experience. After a couple of resets during calls on my 3GS I quickly found this thread which convinced me that I would need to get the phone replaced to fix the problem. As my warranty expired about 4 weeks previously I tried a restore as new phone first on the off chance it would fix the problem. It didn't.

    After making a few calls to AppleCare and the like I ended up with a genius appointment at my nearest Apple store. I should note at this point I bought the phone at carphone warehouse. After showing the genius this thread, unsuccessfully trying to reproduce the problem and finding that there was no diagnostic information to speak of because of the recent restore I was expecting to be told, quite reasonably given I was out of warranty and hadn't bought it from them, that there was nothing they could do.

    To my great delight they agreed to replace the phone anyway. I presume it's a refurbished one but frankly I don't care. I can't tell by looking at it and more importantly I've had no resets with it.
  • ian goodfellow Level 1 (5 points)
    Hi Wastrel

    Which store did you book your Genius appointment with as my warranty expired about 4 weeks ago?
  • Martyvanv Level 1 (0 points)
    Apple is investigating slow iPhone 3G on ios4. **** those guys can still make phonecalls.

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  • Timir Level 1 (0 points)
    Yep, same with me. Even running 4.0.1 now. It'd be really nice if Apple addresses this in 4.1.

    Also, my phone crashes when used in 3rd party docks.
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