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  • HoopaVez Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Just an update from me...

    Got a new replacement 3GS from Apple with OS4 preloaded. I've not had any calls dropped even after updating to 4.0.1.
  • Goflying Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    seems apple is not going to do *the right thing by its' customers* in any sort of timely manner unless they are forced to by the media

    Leave a comment on the wall street journal here: th-ios4-on-iphone-3g/tab/comments/#comment-151707

    that may well be more effective at prodding apple into action
  • rolfhz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    add me to the list of unhappy users with spontaneous reboot problems with my 3GS
  • Bilicat Lotus Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Mine too 3gs reboots every 10-20 min or so. Tried a complete restore, tried to change sim card, nada!
    It even reboots during syncing! I hope this problem gets solved soon!
    I can't get my apps and music back it reboots when syncing, it been going on for two weeks! And support can't help!
    I've asked to change the phone cause it is still on waranty but instead of 3gs they sent me a 3g!
  • Mags57 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    An update on my experience with phone rebooting - i made an appointment this afternoon at Apple Store in Glasgow - Andrew restored my phone, we then tried an outgoing call for about 9 mins everything looked OK but when I picked up phone to can call it went back to reboot, he had no hesitation in giving me a new phone which hopefully will not have the same problem.

    Will keep you posted
  • Jules.rules Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Hey all,

    some pages before I reported, I've fixed the bug with installing 4.01 and set it up as a new device. I just had a reboot.
    I think it has something to do with the switch between GSM and 3G!
  • Martyvanv Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm furious. Picked up my iphone after 3 weeks in repair. They just upgraded to 4.01. Problem is stil there. Reboots and GPS works like **. They can sell expensive phones, send me satisfaction survey while it is still in repair and send me newsletters. They sure as ** can not repair their own stuff.

    Sorry but I had to blow off some steam.
  • Starstruck Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    18 months I bought a samsung omnia and had nothing but trouble with it, software issues that they never managed to fix !

    So when my contract expired I thought what will I buy instead , well I thought that I would get a 3GS (i heard about the grip of death problem with the iPhone 4) so promptly bought a 16GB 3GS.

    I took it home, hooked it up to iTunes and it updated the OS to ver 4 and guess what . Yip my brand new phone reboots during calls !!! Can you imagine how annoyed I am !

    Come on apple don't you have a proper test regime before releasing new software / hardware to joe public !

    Notice how this issue seems to be just like the iPhone 4 problem , ie completely ignored until its all over the press.

    Come on tech support ,surely you have noticed this thread !! its only 57 pages long !

    An extremely p*ed off new customer.
  • gtanky Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same problem.

    My 32gb 3gs was fine until i installed the latest operating system 4.01. As soon as i installed it when ever i make a call it will reboot while im talking about 3 to 8 mins into the call. My phone is only 2 month old, cost me £400 and a 12 month contract - im not a happy chappy.

    I have read claims on the internet from computer geeks using 3rd partie software to fix this issue but this is beyond my computing ability and I am affraid I will damage the phone further should i make a mess up. I also wonder how many people have successfully attempted this fix - anyone here perhaps can confirm if it works or not????

    Absolutely disgraceful that apple has no easy fix to this - Even wosre they are still promoting OS4 to iphone 3g/s users!!! For fk sakes pull your finger out and get it sorted..............
  • lvh0000 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Just to add my case to the long list and hope Apple will consider the fix asap.

    I have same problem and this is a pain in the...
  • lizzie012 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Adding my name too. It's so frustrating; I have no confidence in this phone now at all. Mine is 3gs, 11 weeks old, installed IOS4 as encouraged by Apple, since then it reboots during calls, any time between 2 and 12 minutes into the call. I called o2 customer support; followed their advice and did a full re-install (IOS 4.01 by now) but the problem is still there. Tried to get O2 to change to another model but unsuprisingly no luck; I have an appointement with Genius Bar on Weds, one and a half hours journey away. Wish I'd never entered into the iPhone contract with O2.It's costing me business and nearly a relationship. Other problems are it heats up, also when I have a missed call the home button becomes unresponsive, requiring at least 4 presses to work, and then the slider doesn't respond easily either. What with all these problems, the useless battery life and poor signal strength this is the worst phone I have ever owned.
  • MarcoFR77 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    add me to the list of unhappy users with spontaneous reboot problems with my 3GS since I have done an update 4.0 then 4.01.
    My 3GS phone reboots every time about 3mn after the beginning of the call, so yesterday I tried to phone with it in my car (via bluetooth)and after 6mn it runned without reboot.
    My warranty has been over for one month and apple France has no solution and asks me to pay for a new phone... although the issue comes from the update software...

    I hope the new software will be soon available and it will resolve this issue
  • 50-10 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I own a pair of 3GS's, one white MC Model and the other a black MB both are 16GB.

    I updated to IOS 4.0 on the black MB about a week ago and I dropped about 5 calls inside a walmart during a storm. I didn't think much of it at first, I was inside a building and the storm was real bad so I shrugged it off. Everything seemed okay until the next day when I got out of my car and it happened again, this time the phone said "searching" where my carrier usually shows then almost immediately it rebooted. After rebooting it showed the itunes symbol and told me i needed to restore it. 3 hours later after several errors I got restored with 4.0.1 firmware. started to rebuild my phone from scratch and it happened again!..

    This was my business phone so I switched the SIM out the the white MC version which has been absolutely fine and still is so that I don't lose any jobs.(computer tech by trade)

    So I've spent the better part of 3 days trying to fix my black MB 16GB 3GS and up until tonight the problems seemed to get worse. Ive had freezing and I've tried leaving it in airplane mode but the phone still reboots, it's even rebooted during a sync!... everything i've read in this thread has happened on my black MB version 3GS.

    I think I may have accidentally fixed it today, and for all you who are suffering I will tell you exactly what I did besides restoring 10 times.

    Last night I had a full charge and I left it on my night stand by the bed(went to bed tinkering hoping id fixed it) it had rebooted again and was wanting to resync. I put an unassigned sim card in and left it there. this evening when I came home I picked it up for another go and I found the battery was dead, just enough juice to show the plug in symbol under the battery logo. so I hooked it upto my laptop with the latestest itunes and I waited about 5min for it to get enough juice to talk to the PC. itunes gave and error that it couldnt read the contents of the iphone and the phone seemed to be frozen with the itunes usb logo so I did a hard reboot (held sleep + home) it came back and itunes immediately recognized it so I restored and synced it without any problem. after a short time the phone said it was attempting to activate so I popped in a good SIM card and I waited, while I waited the phone recieved a ping message which bloked the activation pop-up... i didnt press anything then another pop-up came up over top and said ïphone activated successfully" or whatever. I slid the bar on the lock screen and then turned on airplane mode and wifi then shut down the phone, I swapped back the blank SIM and it has been fine ever since going on 8 hours or so...

    It may be too soon to say it's out of the woods but it doesn't seem to be getting as warm anymore and my wife has been using it for facebook / MSN / youtube without incident.

    sorry for the bad grammer.. It's pretty late, just trying to maybe help with this problem, since it's been driving me nuts!
  • bobcox04 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Add me to the list. 3GS OS4 32gb bought from Tesco, totally standard and regularly updated, same problem. Calls drop after about 5 mins and the screen shows the apple logo and sometimes I get the |<<-----||----->>| back, pause and forward symbol you normally get when playing a track in ipod, but at the top of the screen, and without having been playing the ipod.
    This symbol usually appears when the phone is rebooting and showing the apple logo.
    I think this only appears to happen to me when I make the call, not when someone else calls me, but can't be sure. I very rarely have calls lasting more than a couple of minutes.

    Anyone else noticed the back, pause, forward symbol showing while phone is rebooting?
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