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Hi- how do I access the internet with an ipod touch when I'm on holiday or simply in the car or on a train etc etc etc ?

Do I have to start an extra contract with my ADSL ( internet connection ) company ?

Or do I buy a prepaid card for so many minutes ?

Or what is usual ?

Please forgive me if this is a naive question, but I've found lots of info on the iphone but none for the ipod touch.

Thanks, Kay.

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    To use the internet away from your home with an ipod touch you always need to be connected to wifi. Verizon sells mifi hotspot which will be a subscription which allows you to create a mobile wifi hotspot where ever you go with the little device they give you. Then you can connect to the internet on-the-go. You could also access wifi hotspots at places such as starbucks.

    However most people that need to access the internet on-the-go buy an iPhone. The iPhone uses At@t cellular connection to access the internet. 3g is important to iPhone users because it means the internet will be faster.
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    Well, you have several way to access the internet but with the Ipod Touch you can access the internet only using open WIFI hotspots.

    Not sure in Germany but here in the US you can go to Starbucks and McDonalds and for free you connect to the internet, also you can pay to access WIFI by using airports hotspots or other places. Make sure you turn "on" WIFI in the setting icon, as well as the "ask to join network" button so when you come close to a WIFI network your Ipod will ask you if you want to Join. Of course the lock networks will not be available to you except if you know the passwords.
    Here you can find WIFI hotspots in Germany: http://v4.jiwire.com/hot-spot-directory-browse-by-state.htm?countryid=82&providerid=0

    Good luck
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    I assume you already know how to access the internet with the Touch, using Wi-Fi, or do you?. If you have a wireless router, your Touch can connect to the internet through the router. This is the only way the Touch can access the internet. So the only way I know to use the internet while away from home is to access a free Wi-Fi network.

    In some countries, certain coffee houses (shops) have free Wi-Fi that the public can use, but it's not that simple. Here in the UK, I know of two pubs that allow me to use their Wi-Fi, as I'm a customer. But one of them wants my email address, which I don't want to give them, so I cannot actually use their Wi-Fi.

    So access to the internet via the Wi-Fi would depend where you are going on holiday. Does the train service you intend to use have Wi-Fi facilities?

    ADSL is a wired connection, so you would still need to connect a wireless router to the ADSL connection for the Touch to connect to the internet and arranging this for a holiday is not practical.

    Prepaid card for what, access to Wi-Fi? The UK doesn't have such a network, as far as I know (and I live here) so if your holiday is in the UK, that idea will not work.

    The reason you've found lots of into for the iPhone is that it is a phone and it uses the phone functions to access the internet. The Touch cannot do this.


    P.S. Now that I've said my bit, you can be certain someone else will come up with a "supposed solution" for you!
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    Thierry- thanks for the info. I can see that most of the wifi hot spots are fee paying and from telekom ........... which will probably mean juicy prices.
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    James- thanks for the info. The silly thing is, that I'm usually at home, so didn't want to pay a regular internet price like for an iphone contract, but on the 6 weks or so a year that I'm away, I need it !
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    Thank you for your comprensive answer. My holiday times will be spent in Munich, Salzburg, Holland and Mallorca, not the UK.
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    Do not forget that anywhere you go, your Ipod will detect if there is an WIFI hotspot available to join, if this Hotspot is free access it will show without the "lock" symbol beside it. Join that hotspot and your Ipod will remember it next time you visit this place again.
    Also now with IOS4 your WIFI signal is always on, so it should detect already join (and new) hotspot easier.

    PS: Thanks for the star.

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    if you have iOS4 and need to authenticate via some kind of web page after connecting to the wireless network, you're screwed until they fix that bug. seriously... i used to to QA. very poorly i might add. i could have done better than this.
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    If you happen to have a smart phone with internet connection (data plan), chances are there exist an app or two for it that will convert the phone into a wireless router. Then you can connect to the wireless created by the cell phone with your Touch. WMWIFI and Joikuspot are such examples. Note, these will cause the battery on your cell phone to drain really really rapidly, and they are generally paid software.

    (Considering this is the Apple official forum, jailbreaking is probably frowned upon, but what I do is jailbreak my Touch and use it to tether with my cell phone through Bluetooth. In other words, it uses the Bluetooth Dial-Up-Networking modem found on my cell phone and gets online .. I find this super convenient ! )