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  • evilsheep23 Level 1 Level 1
    Volume ramps down when starting a new track, or when a download in the iTunes app completes. Volume is set to proper (like on iOS3) level when you push pause and play again. This is an easy work-around, and still extremely annoying. Waiting for an update to fix this.
  • davisle1 Level 1 Level 1
    Same issue here, so I'm hoping that the usual upgrade to the upgrade that always comes a few weeks after a new version is released will have a fix.
    I used to never be able to max out the volume with earphones, (apple supplied), but now I can max it easily.
    The EQ also is not as differential between settings as before, some settings have no difference at all.

    Some mentioned that turning off the EQ increases the volume. This is normal with any EQ because most of the settings, with the exception of "flat" lowers certain frequencies to give you more of another, so it makes sense that no EQ will be slightly louder. The strange one is the "loudness" which I normally used, is lower than most other settings. I've finally settled on the Jazz setting which is the closest to what the loudness used to be.
    It seems I was also able to squeeze out a little more volume by going to the EQ and turning settings on and off and back on then going through all of the EQ selections, but it wasn't much. Can still max the volume with all music.
    Volume seems to have always been the iPhone weakness from call volume to ringer volume. I immediately changed my ringer when I got the phone to the Star Trek door chime which was louder without being obnoxiously loud, but it cuts through ambient noise, or crowd noise easily.

    Someone also speculated that Apple limited the volume to accommodate for the EQ which causes crackling noise. That is not the case. I've never had that problem unless the earphones were not good quality, or simply blown or going bad. I have never had that problem with the ones that came with the phone, and now have a pair of Sony in-ear phones that sound great even with the lower volume, (but I still want the normal volume back).

    One would think these types of issues would be easily detected in testing before releasing updates, but I'm sure it's more complicated than that. Hopefully someone from Apple can respond?
  • jasonb b Level 1 Level 1
    I couldn't have said it any better!

    Did you send what you wrote into apple for a bug fix?
  • koolaidman23 Level 1 Level 1
    I just wanted to note that I am experiencing similar problems with my 3rd gen iPod Touch 32gb after installing iOS4. The volume is generally less, but I have noticed after receiving a push notification that the volume will go up by as much as two times. This has also occurred for no apparent reason on a few occasions as well. Of course the volume bar is not moving when this happens. I am not going to be pleased if this blows out the speakers in my car, Apple. Fix it soon.
  • henrybutz Level 1 Level 1
    I had turned the volume down all the way - what appears new in iOS4 is that the speaker can be muted at the lowest setting. In the morning when I turned the volume back up it the ringer was quiet as a whisper. I reset the phone but that did not fix the problem. I noticed that moving the volume up and down did not display the text "ringer" or "headphones" on the overlay. At the very loudest volume I could barely hear the ringer. Finally after fiddling with it for five minutes the volume came back. I had moved my hand away from the microphone - not sure if that had something to do with it? Maybe some flaky feedback software for video conferencing?
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    Try turning off the Volume limit. It worked for me.

    After upgrading to iOS4, my headphone volume was very low during a phone call. I re-installed iOS4 but that did not work. After playing a while I found out that I set the volume limit on the iPod setting screen (Settings -> iPod -> Volume Limit). Try to set it off (slide the volume bar all the way to the right), it should be fine.

    Looks like iPod volume limit is interfering with headphone volume limit. It was not like that in 3.1.3 and earlier versions. My friends also checked and their iPhone and it worked...

    Apple better address this in the coming patches...

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    I never had the volume limit set on. However, using the slider in the settings page to adjust the volume instead of the side buttons seemed to have fixed it for me.

    The symptom for me is that using the volume buttons to adjust the volume all the way down causes the speaker to turn off completely. At first I thought this was a "feature" of iOS4. There is usually text indicating which volume is being adjusted, "ringer" or "headphones." In this mode, that text disappears entirely. I can still set the volume up and down, but it's barely audible.

    Then, I go into settings and slide the volume control up and down. At first the ringer would come on VERY quietly and respond to the volume adjustment - even more quiet. The slider jumped around a bit and it seemed to snap out of whatever weird mode it was in. Then the ringer was back loud again and the text returned, "ringer." The volume buttons responded normally. I am trying to reproduce the problem but it seems normal now.

    I have seen a YouTube video of someone using the volume buttons on iPhone 4. No matter which button they pressed the volume increased. Definitely an annoying firmware bug. If possible, always use the volume control in the settings screen rather than the buttons which provides instant feedback by using the ringer. If you use the buttons, be sure you hear a "click" after manually locking the phone. No click upon locking the phone, go back and double-check your volume so you don't miss calls.
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    Hi guys,
    I've got a problem that seemed to me being a concequense of couple of drops of iphone to asphalt road, but after having read this thread i've changed my mind...

    The matter is that the volume of iPhone 3GS (4OS) increases and decreases absolutely independently, many times per day, suddenly and in all modes of the devise - phone, iPod, Youtube or any other stuff. Mostly goes down, unfortunately, and the icon of the volume changing remains being on the screen for a whhile after that (for a long time I'd say). The volume starts to jump only when the device is unlocked (e.g. while playing of talking or playing music). Write after it happens, it becomes impossible to put the volume down - it seems like the button does not work. But later it starts to work also.
    Actually the problem arose after only 4OS installation was done, but not immediately - maybe 2 or 3 weeks later.

    I can do nothing with that, thinking already of bringing it to service, but the last chance is this forum - probably someone has already faced the problem beforу and knows what should be done to fix it?

    Thanx in advance for having read the post..

  • GABarber Level 1 Level 1
    Last night I tried using my 3gs os 4.01 with my car's auxilliary port. Unlike with earlier os versions the volume seemed much lower - hardly hearable with the volume up to max, limiter off.

    Then I noticed that if I paused the song then played it again that the volume jumped significantly (perhaps not as loud as before the 4.01 update) only to revert to the lower volume level when the player proceeded to the next song. Again - I could get the increased volume by pausing and resuming - totally bizarre behavior.

    Honestly - the OS4 and 4.01 update has been "a world of hurt" - with all sort of strange behaviors - including magically disappearring and reappearing contact notes, missing "add to favorites" functionality, and strange google synch issues.
  • ensoreli Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the low volume problem as well. All the setting are at their highest. When I pause and play again it sometimes jumps up to a higher volume but its certainly not consistent. Other times it seems to play at the normal higher volume level.... pretty annoying.
  • Djsam Level 1 Level 1
    The time when I had 3.1.3 update on my iPhone, the volume was excellent but battery was a problem that time. Thought the iOS 4 will solve the battery issue, which it most certainly did, but it also screwed up the volume of the speaker! This is really bad Apple! I mean you are the one of the best manufacturers of desktops, laptops, phones and MP3s but since the launch of your iOS 4 and the iPhone 4, I think you'll start losing your customers. Please Apple fix this issue ASAP!
  • GABarber Level 1 Level 1
    My audio volume problems with an external speaker via the phone jack on my 3GS disappeared after reinstalling the Operating as New - rather than upgrading from backup. Now audio levels are high and don't bounce around from song to song. other bizarre problems also resolved.

    Apparently the upgrade process is very buggy - and reinstall as new is usually the workaround. The downside is that you loose settings, many application stored data pieces, pictures and videos (unless you backup separately).

    Unfortunately 1st tier Apple iPhone Support nearly always forget to remind people of the consequences of a install os as new. Make sure you really have this information tucked away as the iphone backup does not backup everything - nor is it restoreable unless you copy it somewhere else on your mac/pc than the default location.
  • empyre Level 1 Level 1
    My issue is that my volume gets significantly lower after using headphones. I'll unplug them and the overall sound of the phone (rings, music, tones) is all low and can't be raised. I have to restart the phone. It happens often and is very annoying. Anyone have a similar issue?
  • osmanisik Level 1 Level 1
    having the same problem here . it really pi..d me off , i use the ipod application all day and with this lower volume after IOS4 everything is barely heard.
    this is definetely one of the biggest bugs that Apple made. and still unsolved !!!
  • Hellvis Level 1 Level 1
    same problem on my 3gs, and also my stereo bluetooth earpiece wont play music, and the icon to change fromspeaker to bluetooth is no longer there