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I have a relatively new 1 TB Time Capsule. I have it set up Time Machine two of my hard drives with a total storage of about 650 GB. The TC works fine; it backs up everything and then proceeds to add and subtract whenever I make changes to either of the primary drives. What drives me nuts is the fact that the "blinking yellow light" starts pulsing about a week after erasing the TC drive and starting over. I KNOW the cause of the blinking yellow light - the drive is getting full. However, TC is set to delete previous days whenever it gets too full. Is there no way to turn off the warning? The only way I know to get it to go away is to erase and reformat the TC drive, which then starts the backup process over again and within a few days of completing the backup, the light starts blinking again. I've let it run for weeks with the blinking light and I know that it just deletes previous backups to make room for new changes. My total content on the two drives has never exceeded 700 GB.

This isn't a crisis; it isn't even really a problem. It is just downright annoying and it should be possible to note the drive being close to full and move on.

Anyone have a solution to this problem?

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