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tonight I updated itunes to the latest version 9.2, then I check to see whether my actual iphone software needed to be updated. it said the new version available was the 4 one.

once it went to finish installing it said it couldn't be installed properly due to error 21. so after several times trying to get it to work I decided to restore.

but now it wont even restore cause the same error 21 keeps coming up. once I clicked restore it looks like its about to finish but then the error comes up then stops, now my phone is stuck with the itunes logo with the usb

cant get onto my phone at all and cant restore it dont know what to do, can someone help me out please or if anyone else had this problem could they advise me what they done


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Windows Vista
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    Ive got the same problem and Im gutted as so lost without my phone.
    I updated everything, then it came up with error 21 I checked for solutions and it said restart computer which I did but still keep getting the same error it still wont even restore.

    I have Iphone 3gS

    Please help!!!!
    Damsel in distress LOL
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    I went into the apple shop in town they tried to do what I done last night and restore it but couldn't achieve it either and said it shouldn't he doing that and must have had a software problem there was also someone else in the store who had the same problem even tho my iPhone is only 3months old they replaced it and gave me brand new one! Try and go onto store I know you have to book a appointment but because it's a phone and they understand you need your phone they put you in a standby appointment

    I waited 10mins and was seen. Hope that could help understand.

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    I'm having the exact same problem with mine, tried to update to 4 and got error 21.
    I've looked all over and all methods won't work.
    Everythings up to date and I've done all the troubleshooting.
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    Exactly same problem just happened today trying to update to 4.0

    Hm, not sure what to do now. Tried everything I've seen suggested about error 21s and nothing has sorted it. Guess I'll have to schedule a trip to the Apple Store.
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    im in the same boat!
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    I've got exactly the same problem (error 21, won't restore), its really lame. Now I don't have my phone.

    Reinstalled iTunes, nothing. Did all the stuff suggested, nothing.

    Only plugged it in to have a look at the LP feature thing with the Chem Bros new album - now wasted a whole night and no phone, just cause I thought to update the OS.
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    I haven't had any of the problems that you are experiencing... Let me know how it ends for you
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    Got a solution, on Windows Vista with 3GS phone.

    I created a new user in the control panel, restarted, then logged in as the new user.

    I then opened iTunes, which installs for the new user and then connected the phone. It then went through the OS software update no problems.

    I stopped it at registering/setting up and switched back to my original user profile and it automatically restored from the back up.

    Hope this helps - amazing how lost you feel when your phone packs in :-/
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    thanks a million
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    very very very much appreciated, i did exactly as you said after looking for 2 hours for ideas and trying numerous without success (GRRRHH!) stumbled on your reply after reading threads above as was about to log off and spotted yours,
    could not believe it, i logged into my daughters and set up i-tunes there and did as you said and it worked for me..... so thanks you very much!
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    Thank you so much for the tip drullingmonkey. It works on Windows XP too, you've saved me much grief!
  • hb72 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    thanks so much, same deal on the mac, create a new userunder systems preferences and open itunes........ you have saved the day ( after I wasted all my evening), don't think I'll be trying that update again.
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH I WAS STUCK IN LOOP FOR 2 HOURS. once i read your reply it worked BUT i didnt connect and restore i left it there and started New but thank you !!!!
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    My friend, you are a legend!! Had my 3GS lock up after the 4.02 update. Was, after 3 hours, ready to pack it up and return it but after one final web search i found your golden nugget of advice and it worked a treat!!!

    Thank you!!
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