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i've seen a number of posts about issues with parental controls but not this exactly or no answer, so i'll take a shot.

1. i set up my son's account with access to specific programs, utilities, etc under the "system" tab of parental controls. when he uses his account and selects a program that i've authorized, a dialog box comes up saying he doesn't have access and that i can "always allow", "allow once" or "ok". i'll click "always allow" and enter my password, which allows him to use the program or utility.

once he logs out and logs back in, the same thing happens. so i got tired of this and don't restrict access to anything under the system tab, but this can't be right. any ideas?

2. under content, i selected "allow access to only these websites". a couple of the websites that i've allowed are facebook and youtube. i've read about the issues with sites that use https, which neither of these use. he can go to the homepages of these sites without a problem and log into his facebook account, but any time he tries to click on anything (his own profile, another friend's profile, etc...or in youtube, any video), it says he doesn't have access, even though the site addresses are still http://www.facebook.com or youtube.com. it's completely impractical to authorize every time he clicks on a link, so the sites are unusable.

i've seen people point to open dns, which i'll look at, but does anyone know know any way to get these sites to work within parental controls?

i didn't have any of these issues under os x 10.5+.


macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.4), 2.4/2