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    I found this problem for the first time this morning, Feb 10, 2012. I am REALLY upset Apple! I am a professional musician and music educator, and rely on the tens of thousands of songs I use in my profession. This has corrupted about 1500 albums. After reading about this problem dating back months, I would expect APPLE to issues an immediate statement via email, website, etc. warning us to STOP ADDING ARTWORK! I find this to be incredibly irresponsible, and I am not going to be able to get back the hundreds of man-hours put into organizing the music for my classes and instruction. As a long-time Apple user, I am highly disappointed. Not sure what my next course of action will be. I'm afraid to touch my files now. It's a shame. Disappointed Apple.....

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    I am still experiencing this issue with the latest iTunes (10.5.3).


    After upgrading to the latest version I decided to try applying some artwork to  a few entire ripped CDs and it succeeded on a couple, but I quickly got it to fail. I notice that if I find a disc that fails, it seems like it will continually fail to apply artwork to that disc if I re-rip and try again.


    I then decided to apply the artwork one song at a time, like some people have suggested. In that case, it did work, but I did notice one odd thing. When I look at the MP3 files in the finder, they don't show the album artwork for the file icon. Does anyone else see this behavior?


    Makes me wonder if the two issues are related.

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    I spent two hours with an Apple Tech on Thursday morning, and he told me to disconnect my external hard drive. I did so, and tried importing the CD using Apple Lossless. The new itunes library was on my laptop now (Mac Pro 15", Snow Leopard), and when I pasted artwork for the whole album it was fine. He told me that they only guarantee itunes to work on their hardware, and that external libraries might not be an option. LAME! Not to mention unacceptable. He had no other answers for me, saying that I should use the library on the computer, and that's all Apple is responsible for. Perhaps a thunderbolt drive or Firewire 800 wouldn't have the write errors, but he couldn't guarantee it. Any info on your end? Same problems? I am SUPER upset right now. I have over 10000 albums, and have never had a problem with itunes until the last 30 days. Ridiculous.



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    For me, my iTunes library file is on the internal hard drive, but my music folder is on an external hard drive; this is the setup that causes me problems. I find it hard to fathom that Apple will not guarantee that iTunes (and thus Mac OS X) will work with an external drive. Yes, that is very lame.


    On Sunday after the newest iTunes update, I ripped a CD and attached its artwork and didn't have any issue; however, it is hard to say what this means, since occasionally it does work. I'll will try some more and see if the problem persists.

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    Artwork won't show in my iPhone/iPad when i transfer songs to small bit-rate (128Kbps). Using iTunes from 10.6 (64bit Mac Lion 10.7.3). What's goin on with my iTunes 10.6????

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    Today this happened to me for the first time, (because I have been without a scanner for about half a year).  I was adding the artwork for 5 albums.  2 of them were corrupted after adding the artwork.  I re-ripped the cds, saved a copy, and tried it again.  This time different songs were affected, so I figured it couldn't have been the file format of the jpgs.  It's simple to see if it was corrupted or not, if you click on the song and the artwork doesn't show up, it's corrupted.  Anway, the 3rd time I tried it I had no problems.  How did I do it - Add the artwork to each song individually.  The first time I tried this it worked with no problems.  Yes, it is more annoying, but it sure beats having to re-rip a cd. All you need to do is view the info of the first song, drag artwork, click "next", drag, next, drag, next, etc.  I've only fixed two albums this way so far, but hopefully it's a solution to the problem (without having to use other programs) until Apple fixes the issue.

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    It's definitely a weird issue. I can add 5 cds without a problem. When I had the artwork to #6 there it goes.

    I now do the same as you. Rip then save a copy before adding artwork (and then only 1 track at a time). After that I check eack song before moving on to the next cd.

    I definitely miss adding art to ALL tracks at once.

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    The "one-at-time" trick was mentioned before, but I have had it corrupt a file even when adding artwork one at a time. However, it does seem to reduce the occurence of corruption doing them one at a time, at least from my experience. So, it is still worthwhile to do it this way, I think.

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    Only recently did I have a song corrupted since I started adding art one-at-a-time. Since then I copy the songs to a desktop folder as a safety until after the art has been added and checked. At leat that way I don't have to re-rip the cd.

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    I've been having this problem too on iTunes 10.6. It only seems to happen on AAC files, not MP3 files. But it happens really often now. I'm working with existing files, not newly ripped CDs. I've been going through my whole collection and standardizing tags and adding artwork and it suddenly started. 


    I hope Apple can fix this soon. I've got many thousands of files to do this on.

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    Could anyone tell me if this is happening to variable-bitrate (VBR) encoded songs or if the problem does not seem to discriminate between constant or VBR encoded songs?


    This has been happening to me and have many songs corrupted. It seems as though adding our artwork to our songs is causing a corrupt "header" in the song.


    As a side note, I've noticed that iTunes of late now imports at 256kbps (VBR) by default.

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    A followup:


    Still having the problem. But found a workaround by using 3rd party tag editor to add album art. The one I'm using is Media Rage from Chaotic Software. It never corrupts the file when adding album art.

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    This issue affects both constant and VBR songs as well as lossless files.

    I encode my music @256kbs (VBR). I noticed that after a song becomes corrupted the (VBR) dissapears from the summary window.

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    Yes you're right about the (VBR) disappearing following the file becoming corrupt.

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    Hello everyone.


    I'm curious to know if this problem is associated with the file size of the artwork that is being added.


    My first attempt was with a 600x600px PNG file with a file size of 942kb. This corrupted the files.


    My second attempt was with the same image although saved to a JPG with a file size of 668kb. This did NOT corrupt the files


    If anyone else has endured similar experiences please let me know.