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Yesterday, I hooked up my wife's 3GS to my PC via USB. I then initiated the iOS 4 upgrade. The system told me that the latest Itunes was necessary to do this so I downloaded and installed it. I then upgraded the phone. After that loaded fine I then tried to sync the music from my PC to the Iphone. It told me that the iPhone library was registered (?) on another system and that if I synced the phone it would erase the current library and replace it with the new one. I got nervous thinking it would delete all of her apps and other information too so I googled it and everything I read said that the iTunes library referred only to music. So, I pressed forward. I synced my music on her 3GS and then verified it afterwards. All was good so I logged off.

Today my wife calls me at work and tells me that all of her appointments are missing from her calendar. Can someone tell me if there is a backup for this data and how to recover it? Thanks, Rich

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4
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    To fix yahoo calendars then do the following:-

    To reset, go to Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendar. In this menu, go to "Calendars" options which is near the bottom. In the Sync categories change the setting from "*All Events*" to "*Events 6 Months Back*". Go to the calendar app and it should now Sync all of your Yahoo calendars. Go back to settings and change Sync settings back to "All Events" and they should all still appear.

    Also, for each yahoo account, go into them and make sure that Calendars is set to on.
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    Thanks for the response Lee, I really appreciate your time. However, this isn't a Yahoo! calendar issue. I am speaking of appointments that my wife typed into her iPhone by clicking the "Calendar" icon and then the "+" sign. This has nothing to do with any synced calendars from external programs like google, outlook, yahoo, etc. I read in another post that people are losing their appointments after Apple says it's backing up your Iphone prior to the IOS4 installation and then deleting the backup after the upgrade is finished. What kind of CRAZY thing is that?! Anyone else have some advice?
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    My wife is experiencing the exact same issue, when she attempts to sync with itunes 9.2 which has a backup of her calendar it tell her "calendar has been disabled on the iphone". When we look at the phones settings everything is setup correctly as it was prior to the itunes and iphone upgrades. What can be done to fix this?
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    I am experiencing the same issue. All generic iPhone calendar appointments appear to have been deleted. I tried restoring from backup, but no luck. Anyone find a way to retrieve calendar appointments??
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    i have the same issue also..my restore put everything back like it was except for my calendar entrys and i dont know why? contacts,apps,notes,music..everything is good but my calendar
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    zapped mine too. Zapped every new appointment I've made since my last sync actually. Not a happy Apple camper. I restored from the backup it automatically made before syncing, but as with others my events were not restored. Grrr.
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    am experiencing exactly the same problem. after updating my iphone 3gs to iOS4 all my calendar entries are gone! entries were added directly using iphone Calendar and not from cloud ie google/yahoo/exchange whay so eva. apple and mr steve jobs - how could you let this happen? i lost many of my valuable record/meeting/appointment dates due to this issue. pls fix asap!
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    I lost all my calendar entries as well. I don't use yahoo or google calendar either...EVERYTHING is on my iPhone. I also tried their "restore from backup" idea...doesn't work!!
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    It seems everyone over the world has had this problem. I lost all of my calendar and contacts. I spoke to a tech at Apple and he told me that if i am using Windows 7, all contacts and calendar have now gone for good. Apple backs up to Outlook but will not accept Windows LIVE ( Windows new version of Outlook). Even though your itunes folder states "backing up phone" it actually isn�t!There is nothing you can do but buy a apple computer to back up your apple iphone.

    You can restore your contacts by going into your iphone, press settings, press mail and press "restore SIM contacts" . This might work but as so far for calendars.......you have lost everything.

    Perhaps a good message to Apple here about p@#$ssing off loyal customers. I have lost about 1 years worth of business contacts and calendars and there is nothing i can do.

    Alex in Australia
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    should we sue Apple for this lost?
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    Where can I find the latest info on this bug? I was syncing calendar data to AVOID data loss. This process guarantees it! Why was there no warning about this?
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    folks, I was able to retrieve back the contents of the calendar by following this article:

    http://sites.google.com/site/simotechhelp/recovering-missing-lost-calendar-appoi ntments-iphone-3-1-2

    since there is no way to copy back into the iPhone, I had to upload to my google calendar then sync it back to my iPhone.

    it definitely seems to be a restore bug in iTunes or something. the calendar is obviously still there but just not copied back to the phone.

    hope this helps someone.