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    They have no replacement phones. I was supposed to be getting one over nighted to me, but repair status says pending. When I called, one person said there were no replacements to send out because of high demand. The weren't sure when I would get it. I have just about decided to email the supervisor I have been working with and ask her about just getting my money back. I am tired of the hassle and frustration of it all.
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    I posted this on MacRumors yesterday. Thought I'd repost for everyone's edification:

    After 6 days, my yellow spots were not resolving themselves. I made a Genius Bar appointment, with the intention of getting a replacement phone.

    Long story short, I was issued a new phone, and the screen is flawless. Their replacement units do not come in a retail box, rather in a small, black cardboard box with only a serial/model number sticker. (I was not given the box, only the phone.)

    Interesting points to note:

    1. The Genius, Brian, confirmed that it is an issue with the adhesive not having fully cured. He asked that I use the phone for another week; I refused.
    2. Apple has implemented an information gathering program relative to this issue, that all Apple Store Geniuses are using. If you've ever shopped at an Apple Store, you know they make extensive use of the iPod Touch, for credit card checkouts, etc. Brian went through a series of questions using a detailed program on his iPod Touch to capture as much info as possible about my particular phone, my usage habits, etc. In all, it was about 18 questions. He then plugged my phone into a Macbook Pro and ran a test/download on how the phone had been used. What all of this tells me is that Apple jumped on this issue last week/over the weekend and pushed this diagnostic program out to all stores as fast as they could. THAT impressed me.

    All in all, a great Apple Store experience.
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    Scheduled another appointment at the Apple Store today at 5:40.

    Spoke with the guy and told him how it's been like this since the 23rd and I came in on the 25th and was sent away and told to wait. He asked if it had gotten any better at all and I said nope, if anything worse. He replaced it and so far my new replacement screen looks perfect! Yay!
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    so I've definitely narrowed this down to a heat issue. 80% of the time there is no yellow line to be seen on my screen, however, yesterday as I was driving around out in the sun with my iPhone sitting in the car, the yellow showed up just a little, has to be the heat right?

    so I do another test, I leave my phone outside in the sun for about 15 minutes. I go check it (**** was it hot, probably not the best idea) and the yellow line is FREAKING HUGE, easily 10x thicker than I've ever seen it. It took about an hour of the phone sitting in room temperature for the yellow to fade away again.

    Lastly, I plugged the phone in to charge from about 15% battery life and the phone got warm, which is typical when going from low battery, sure enough the yellow line slowly started to appear, and as the phone cooled down it slowly faded away.

    Curious indeed, I still have hope in this bonding agent theory, I'm going to wait until sometime next month and try and forget about it, I'll look for the yellow spot again later and if its still there, I'll go to the genius bar again and attempt a replacement, hopefully the iPhone craziness will have died down by then. Another reason I'd like to wait is hoping that later batches will be less likely to have these issues.

    Also the death grip issue was on the today show this morning and it was hilarious sigh

    Anyone have any thoughts on why heat would make the yellow fade in more? Perhaps the space between the glass and the display ever so slightly shift with the change in temperature? My mind is boggled
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    Okay. Now I got an replacement iPhone and guess what, it has the same issue!!!

    A week ago I called the Apple hotline because of the yellow screen issue. After waiting a week the problem was still there. I called them again and we then sheduled a pickup for repair. The whole process took only 3 days and I got my iPhone replaced by a new one, with a different serial number.

    At first the new iPhones screen seemed okay. But now after a full charge the iPhone got quite hot and now I can see a yellow line on the left-hand side - from the bottom, to the top of the screen.

    In conclusion: They replaced my iPhone due to the yellow screen issue via pickup by UPS and now the new (replaced) iPhone has the same issue (maybe not as bad as the other one, but still very noticeable).

    I have no idea what to do next.

    @Peter Bault
    I agree with you. The problem definitely gets worse when the iPhone gets hot. When it cooles down, the yellow thing fades away but not 100%.
    Has it gotten any better since these 4 days? Let me know. Thanks.
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    well I had another genius bar appointment yesterday and finally got a replacement. no yellow spots on my replacement so far. sorry to hear you are having the issues on your replacement.
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    Did they give u a new phone or a refurb?
  • Peter Bault Level 1 (65 points)
    there's no way to know for sure but this close to launch I'd doubt they have any refurbs yet
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    Since my replaced iPhone 4 has the same yellow screen issue, I called Apple Care again and the guy sheduled another pickup by UPS on tomorrow.

    He said that those replacment phones are brand new ones. No refurbs yet.

    He also claimed that the repair service may decide to not replace the phone if the issue appears to be not as bad as I mentioned it on the phone (which could be a problem because when the phone cooled down you can't really see it - When it gets hot it becomes visible very well).

    Will let you know how it goes.

    Cheers from Germany.
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    good luck! this is a tough and annoying issue because under normal circumstances the yellow is hard to see
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    I don't know if I'm really unlucky or what but....

    I'm now on my 4th (yes FOURTH!) iPhone 4. I have been back to stores to have the phones changed due to issues with the screens. Each device has had the following issues:

    1st: Dead pixel + yellow blotches.
    2nd: Yellow blotches + right hand side of the screen was darker than the left (yellow/grayish tinge).
    3rd: Yellow blotches which disappeared but the right hand side was much darker than the left, it really looked like a gradient.
    4th: Yellow blotches which really show up all the time and only go away when the phone is fairly cold, and there's a dead pixel yet again.

    My only issue is that I can't get a refund now, as it's past my 14 days after purchase.So it's more than likely going to be several more trips to Apple stores before this gets sorted once and for all.

    The service in stores has been brilliant, it's just that the stock they are replacing from is flawed.
  • kimthepostman Level 1 (0 points)

    "3rd: Yellow blotches which disappeared but the right hand side was much darker than the left, it really looked like a gradient."

    I'm kinda happy to hear that another person is able to see the darker left/right hand side. Mine (which is going to be picked up by UPS on tomorrow) has this too. For me it is the left hand side which is darker. Same side where the yellow tint appears when it gets hot.

    Is this "darker side/gradient" thing a real issue or is this just because it's technical impossible to lit a screen up perfectly? Would really like to know that because my 3GS has had this too and I never knew if I can call this a defect or something. What do you think?
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    It's definitely a defect and they will replace it.

    I pointed it out on my last one and the guy swapped it out without question.

    Thing is, I'm SICK of going back to the store all the time, only to find out that it's flawed. I'm going to be on my 5th phone either tomorrow or some point this week and all I can think is that when I get it back home, I'll find it has another issue. I mean, there is only so much that you can do in store and I've tried to inspect the screen as best as I can, but it's always when you're using it and you happen to notice. It took me a few days to notice I have a dead pixel on my current one.

    The guy I spoke to at AppleCare understood what I was talking about when I said £500 is a lot of money for a phone that isn't perfect. In fact, it's a lot of money for anything that isn't perfect.

    As it's costing me money each time I take a tried over to the Apple store, I asked about getting one sent out to me. This would set me back another £420+ as a holding fee and then they would refund this when they got my old handset back, otherwise the other option is that they have my send back my phone and send one back when they have received it. That's all well and good, but I'd be without a phone for 10 days or more then, which isn't really acceptable.

    I've asked about a refund, as I thought I might just get my money back and go buy a cheap £10 phone and then maybe when these manufacturing issues are worked out, I would buy another. Though, I can't have a refund now as it's past the 14 days since purchase (ordered when pre-orders first opened up and got it on launch day), plus the fact that when you replace your phone, that 14 day refund deal goes out the window. It's just annoying, it really is!

    I suppose I'm being too picky, but as an Apple customer, you do come to expect a standard of the goods that you're buying and anything less should be dealt with properly.

    The guy at AppleCare is ringing back tomorrow and he's going to see whether he can escalate the call any higher and see if I can get a phone sent out for free and have the courier take my current one back at the same time.

    I will say though, if you find the slightest defect on the phone, take it back and demand it gets changed. You've paid too much to have something that you're not happy with.
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    i was under the impression that apple have said return faulty iphones within 30 days for refund.
    check out trading standards website.
    if you buy something that is "not as described" or "not fit for purpose" then you are entitled to a refund by law!
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    I'll have a look into that, thanks!

    It's like hitting your head against a brick wall when you speak to anything apart from the Irish Apple team (at least I think it's a team over in Ireland). Anyone else just tells you "no" to everything and they really don't give a toss!