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when i plug a ipod nano or my new ipod touch into my monster car player it will not charge while it is playing. my old ipod classic would charge but now my new touch wont charge. when i plug it in, a screen pops up saying charging not capable or something like that. why is that? what can i do to fix it?

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    The software won't support that old 3rd party accessory anymore. Nothing you can really do.
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    A common issue with iPod Touch and the dock connector. The older iPods work perfectly with the usual accessories however the new iPod Touch has had known issues properly docking with several appliances from BOSE players to Auto connections. Something has changed in the schematic of the dock connector of the Apple iPod Touch. Not sure where Apple is on addressing it. Apple's reputation is that it normally does not change anything in its process but counts on the appliance manufacturer to get compatible with Apple.

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    Older iPods could be charged using the Firewire pins in the dock connector (even older iPods could sync over Firewire as well). About 2-3 years ago, Apple stopped including any Firewire hardware in iPods. Older chargers that relied on that hardware will not work. This isn't something that is going to be fixed as it is not considered broken.

    It may be possible to purchase some sort of adapter but I don't have any suggestions.
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    I plugged a new iPod Nano into my car iPod system (Mercedes). It will not charge, even though my older model Nano worked perfectly. Has something changed in the connector of the newer iPods?

    I have had similar non charging issues with all our iPhones.
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    Darach Corcoran1 wrote:
    Has something changed in the connector of the newer iPods?

    Yes. Please see my post immediately above yours.
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    Both of the iPod Nano's I refer to are USB devices. In fact, I think Firewire was dropped on iPods long before the Nano came out. The only iPods I ever had with Firewire were a second generation Classic iPod and a Mini.
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    I'm having the same issue with my new Nano and my newer (of 2) Touches (1 works, one doesn't). I believe what was meant by the "firewire" comment is that some of the pins on the current docking connector have been changed so they no longer support aftermarket chargers. I don't know why the manufacturers of aftermarket docks haven't realized this, or , maybe they have and newer ones will addres this.
    I have a GROM audio interface in my Jeep and I can play my new Nano and all my other iPods through it but it will only charge my older items (Touch, 3rd gen Nanos, regular iPods). I have to plug my newer Touch and my 5th gen Nano into my pc or another USB to 12v cable I have to charge them. When I plug the newer items into the GROM, I get "Charging is not supported by this accessory" on my iPod screen.
    My suggestion is to try various adapters/docks till you find one that supports charging on the newer items.