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My impression is that you cannot use an iPad straight out of the box without first connecting it to iTunes on a Mac or PC, right?

Then without being tethered to iTunes occasionally the OS cannot be updated and it also cannot be backed up.

You also cannot upload/download files using iPad's Safari browser because you can't navigate to an up/download area, right? And Google docs on an iPad is poorly implemented -- they're using the mobile version that the iPhone is forced to use. Some docs can be viewed and few, if any, can be edited.

+To me the iPad isn't a stand alone tablet computer but a more of a removable media player on steroids. Am I missing big something here?+

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  • varjak paw Level 10 Level 10 (169,810 points)
    That is correct. An iPad must be activated by connecting it to a computer with iTunes before the iPad can be used. You may be able to get this accomplished in the Apple Store or dealer from whom you purchase the iPad, but it must be done.

    This has been discussed in many threads here. The general consensus is, I believe, that an iPad really cannot be expected to function effectively without a computer to which to attach the iPad, if only occasionally. I think that the iPad is more than just a "removable media player on steroids" but should not be considered a standalone device. It's really a new category of device, one that's just emerging into the marketplace.

    If you browse the forum, you should find threads with more extensive discussions.

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    You are right Harry, you need a base unit. Laptop or pc with iTunes.

    That is the main problem with it for me, you can't link the iPhone to it so you have to download information on the phone to the base unit then upload the base unit to the pad. A little to long winded.

    Hopefully apple will find a way to link phone and pad directly then you would only need a base unit to upgrades and back up information.

    I have not linked mine to any computer since I bought it. I have had no need to.
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    I agree with what Dave said.

    Historically, a tablet is a modified laptop. The iPad is a new type of device. It's not a laptop but it can handle many of the functions that a laptop does. It's more than just a media device on steroids though.

    Google needs to modify their docs to work properly on the iPad. You can also look in the App Store and find things like docs to go or QuickOffice that might fulfill your document editing needs.