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    Tiny Umbrella should help you ocate your old 3.1.3 and restore to that. Make sure you download the latest version of Tiny Umbrelle and see the guide at TechJournal on downgrading. Follow it to a tee and you should be able to restore no problem. pod-touch-to-iphone-3-1-3-3-1-2steps.xhtml
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    I received an email today from a "Host" telling me that my post caught their attention and they would like to call me about the issue. Is this the Beta Testing thing another user commented on?

    As an update, as I haven't been on this thread since my problem ended. I see there was a couple responses to my last post. I did not "jailbreak" my iPod to restore to a previous iOS 4.0 I used Tiny Umbrella to find previously saved iOS on my iPod and restored the the earliest one i could find. Mine did not ever have 3.1.3 on it or I would have gone back to then, It came with iOS 4.0 on it which worked perfectly fine until these new updates.

    Since restoring to 4.0, my issue has been resolved. One user responded that my issue has not really been resolved... umm well as far as I'm concerned it has. All my setting are normal, I haven't had to dick around and turn things off, or spend my days trying to troubleshoot it! I can leave my iPod on overnight for several nights in a row and it's not dead. I can again go for days between charging it!! I'm at about 75% charge and I haven't plugged it in for 3 days!

    Prior to downgrading I did call Apple support. Their response to me was to send my iPod back and they would test it and replace battery or whatever needed to be done. I'm leaving for Jamiaca this Saturday and am depending on our iPod to help distract and keep content our 3 year old on the plane, so that just wasn't quite the response I was looking for. So very thankful for another users suggestion and tip to downgrade, and everything will be "all right" now! Perhaps after our trip I will follow through and send back the device if another upgrade to solve this issue doesn't come out. It's not fair that I can't take advantage of the updates and services that everyone else has access to, but it's totally not fair that our devices have become useless because of this update.

    For now I am at peace with my previous iOS, and I reccomend you guys search the internet and find away to restore your own. What worked for me again was Tiny Umbrella, the most current version, and the guide from Tech Journal... google downgrading on tech journal. The directions are the same no matter what iOS your are restoring to. It was a bit challenging I also am not Tech Savvy and don't know what ShSH Blobs are and things, but it was easy enough.

    Now whether to speak to these IPod engineer's or not?
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    KiFra, I aboslutley will buy Apple products again, I would rather work through these glitches than have my PC impaired with viruses and unreliability. This issue irritates me, and Iwish that Apple would step up to the plate and help us iPod users out here. What works for one user may not work for another, what a wonderful world we live in!! But yes, this issue needs to be fixed. These devices are too expensive to be treated poorly.
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    tell apple to put you on their payroll and then you will be more than happy to spend MORE of your time dealing with the battery life issue.
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    @samantha T,
    The email I received was from a Support Specialist at Apple and was not known as a "host". I just had a posting modified by a Host - look about three posts above this post. I emailed the Support Specialist back and gave him my phone number, which he called about two weeks later - this was in August 2010. He asked me to send him logging information from my ipod but i had already gone back to ios3.1.3 from 4.0. He asked me to "upgrade" to 4.0, i did that and had the quick battery drain issue that night and did not send him any logging information. I then reverted to back to ios 3.1.3 since i needed to use the ipod touch during a trip. The battery drain issue of ios 4.0 and 4.01 had severly crippled my itouch so breaking the warranty was not an issue by reverting to ios 3.1.3 - and it is working well with ios 3.1.3 (no extensive battery drain issue, faster, and able to synch with Outlook). Repeated draining the lithium ion battery and recharging it (known as cycling) will permanently damage the battery since there is a finite limit on cycling lithium ion batteries (~400 for my laptop battery). The ipod touch battery cannot be user replaced easily. I opted to minimize the permanent damage to the ipod battery by dumping 4.01 for ios 3.1.3.
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    Well, some of us are complaining and complaining, and we have the right to do it, but we already know that very very VERY small percentage of the complains are taken account.

    If it was about complaining, i would say that the main problem comes from adding features instead of solving problems, and the battery drain is a really BIG problem, for example, Apple should work on repairing bugs and adding productive "features" to prevent the jailbreak, that in my case, i use it mainly to show the battery percentage and hide the stupid Stocks app, which should be a downloadable app in the app store (also the Nike app), i don't think that a big percentage of people use it. And the battery Cycles on our iPod, who is gonna pay for the wearing? We do.

    So (after my little rant), my suggestion is try to find the problem, or work on a temporary fix, not just sit back and complain, if we work on the problems, we are helping to solve them faster.
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    More coverage, but still no help in sight. Anyone thinking of buying an Apple product should consider this before laying out the cash. These devices aren't cheap, but we're being treated as if they're disposable. rsists/2757245
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    I've been quietly following the thread since I upgraded to OS 4 and became a battery drain victim. I've tried many solutions posted here but have found one simple action that extends my battery life back to OS 3.13 lengths. I have found that manually turning OFF WiFi before allowing the iTouch to sleep is the most effective way to extend the battery life. Basically, when I use the iTouch, I turn WiFi ON. When I store it, I turn WiFi OFF. I get over a week on a charge this way.

    Yes, it's a pain and it's not the way it worked before OS 4, but this method has allowed me some relief from the frustration that Apple has created.

    I may have missed an earlier post of this method so I apologize if it was covered previously. If not, has anyone else tried simply manually controlling WiFi state with success?
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    @SamanthaLT: No offense, but the only reason Macs don't have viruses is because no one cares enough to write a virus for it (just like Linux). It may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your perspective.

    I personally don't like paying $1500 more for the same configuration PC's just to not deal with viruses. It's a very expensive excuse and something that can be solved with a little technical knowledge. But hey, its your money, you can do whatever stupid things you want with it.

    Anyways, back to topic: I have decided to just not use wifi since it is a battery drain. I can otherwise get about 5 days out of my Touch with very mild usage. Clearly since this is an issue that Apple will never acknowledge, there is no point wasting any more time here.
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    I take it that iOS 4.2 did not fix the issue, right?
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    So what do I do about this. I just found that my touch had drained from 100 percent to 20 percent in 5 hours on standby. This should not have happened. What do I do about this?
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    On Nov. 8 (page 94 of this thread), I wrote what an Apple Store One-to-One trainer told me to do about the battery drain problem. I did all that and the battery drain problem is solved (at the expense of losing all files that I had in the iPod -- notes, game statistics, contacts, calendar. I got the latter two back by resyncing with MobileMe). I also "Reset Network Settings" for good measure.

    But what I've been thinking about lately is all the time I've spent to reach this point and how gullible and trusting I was when I did the upgrade. I don't go on iTunes often and don't install a lot of apps. But in October I did go on iTunes, which helpfully told me that my iOS was outdated (3.1.3) and suggested that I upgrade to 4.1. Well, upgrades are always good, right? So, trusting that Apple was doing a good thing for me by letting me upgrade, I did it without doing any research. How would I have known to do research on battery drain at that point anyway?

    The results were as we know, and had I had any idea of the bad thing the new iOS would do to my unit, not to mention the features it added that I don't want and can't get rid of, I would not have gone ahead. We were doing fine and were very happy with 3.1.3. I think that when iTunes offers us the upgrade possibility, it would be useful if there were some disclosure, warning us that the upgrade won't really bring all that much to a 2G, for example. Wishful thinking, I know.

    The results of this experience are, one, that I will be much more careful about what I'm downloading and will do more research. Second, I am far less fond of my iPod touch and don't use it nearly as often as I did. Finally, I was thinking of buying an iPhone in the spring when my current cell contract expires, but now I'm thinking I probably won't.
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    Patita1 wrote:
    The results of this experience are, one, that I will be much more careful about what I'm downloading and will do more research. Second, I am far less fond of my iPod touch and don't use it nearly as often as I did.


    Aside from my OS4 misadventure, I was foolish enough to purchase a .99 app that promised to help me locate the cell phone that I had dropped the day before.

    If I had spent some time reading the reviews, I would have realized that it was a transparent scam: just an empty shell of an application that did not do anything.

    As long as it doesn't turn out that they harvested my cell phone's number for use by offshore telemarketers, the .99 was probably money well spent just for the lesson: _Read The Reviews Before Downloading_
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    The battery on my IPod Touch will be almost fully charged when I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning I'll get a "low battery" message. This never happened before with earlier OS software. When will Apple make a patch? I didn't understand how to turn off active apps as mentioned in the other posts ... what a pain!
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    Ok so here is what I did. I have a 2nd Gen iPod touch. I read lots about different fixes with no luck what so ever. I was hoping to restore back to 3.1.3 but in my attempts I found out you can't legally do that. Stupid Apple!!

    I put my iPod into recovery mode and connected to iTunes. I did not have the latest 4.2 on my was version 4.1. Once iTunes saw that the ipod was in recovery mode it said you need to restore your device and all data will be lost. I thought fine..I had a brick anyway. Oh before I did all this I did a back up in iTunes of my ipod.

    Once all the updating was done it asked if I wanted to start as new device or backup from previous. I used the backup from previous because I had some notes and saved and was not sure how to get them back on. Anyway after doing that my ipod now has 4.2.1 and has all my old settings and email accounts etc...

    After more than 12 hours of mild use like checking emails and listening to music the battery has remained awesome. Very much like the old 3.1.3 days. I hope this lasts.

    If this has confused anyone or I am rambling about nothing new then I am sorry.