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My 3gs was updated today and one of my mailboxes now contains 4566 messages in 50 message increments that were on the server where I teach. I have to keep the messages on the server but for some reason the new update on my IPhone now thinks all 4566 are new. It loads 50 at a time and I go though hitting edit and trashing them!!!!! How can I do this easily???
I can't go to my server and eliminate them becuase they have to stay on the server for several years.
Thanks for help!!!!!!

Imac G5 (non Intel) and Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Leapord on both
  • justinphilly Level 1 Level 1
    maybe settings > mail,contacts,calendars > and either

    under the mail tab adjust the SHOW option to a lower amount
    select the email account, and adjuct the MAIL DAYS TO SYNC option

    hope either of these help!
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    Consider yourself lucky. I have 13,500 messages that the OS 4 phone now think are new. This is a POP-mail server...typically the mail server remembers each individual mail client...so when I start using a new client, it will try to send all messages unread by that particular client. It now thinks the iPhone OS 4 is a new client altogether.

    Changing the messages shown option doesn't really do anything. It will simply only retrieve the most recent 25/50/75/100/200. But as those are deleted, it starts going back in time and pulling all the older messages.

    I don't have a MAIL DAYS TO SYNC option, perhaps that works for Exchange server, but not for POP.

    I don't believe there is any resolution at this point. Once the POP server thinks its a new mail client...game over.
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    Your right, when you think you have it bad, someone comes along that has it alot worse....
    This really *****... I can't believe I have to go through and delete 4566 messages !!! but when I hit 4566, I will think you you with 9000 more to go....
    If you do come up with anything, let me know. Hopefully someone else has an idea....
  • gamehendge2000 Level 1 Level 1
    There is a small silver lining here...

    Since OS 4 now has mail threading, you can delete an entire thread at a time, instead of simply individual mails.

    Of course, since you can only download/view/manipulate 200 max emails at a time, this is of somewhat limited value, since you'll only be able to delete threads that exist within that 200-email view. YMMV on how much savings you get, but hopefully your delete-clicks will be somewhat less than the actual number of emails being reported because of this.
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    You really are an optimist !!!!! it will help but by a slight amount. My fingers are getting tired as I speak......