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I just got my phone, it's all set up and such, and the service with AT&T keeps dropping to 1 or 2 bars, and occasionally to no service. I'm in my apartment, where I always got perfect service with my 3G (and my wife's 3G still has perfect service). I've reset all the network settings, turned on and off airplane mode and 3G, but to no avail. Any ideas?
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    I have the issue as well. Looks like others are too:


    No combination of airplane mode / network reset has done any good for me either.
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    I was seeing the same symptom. I had a 3GS in one hand and the newly-activated 4 in the other. The 3GS showed 5 bars on the 3G network and the 4 showed 1 bar. Two minutes later they were both at 5 bars 3G. Then the 4 went to 1 bar Edge. 3GS never dropped below 3 bars and never left the 3G network.

    I spent a while on the phone with AT&T and they said it is "possible" that the local network was not "ready" for iPhone 4 activations until tomorrow. However, after several reboots of the iPhone 4, a couple connects\disconnects from iTunes and some utility run by the AT&T rep to force the iPhone 4 to rescan frequencies, it seems to have calmed down a bit. They also had me power off the iPhone 4, remove and replace the SIM, then power on, just to make sure it was making a good physical connection after transport.

    My email flow from Exchange is consistent now and the bars on both iPhones are staying somewhat in sync with each other

    I'll leave more info if anything else happens, either to the positive or negative.
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    I had perfect service with my 3G almost everywhere around Raleigh, NC. Just opened my iPhone 4 today, and she always says "No Service" inside my house. 3G always had 4-5 bars of service in my house. This *****. Well, now it says 3 bars... It keeps going in and out... Very inconsistent. I'm sure it'll get better. The first gen iPhone was crap, but the very next version, the 3G was so much better, and Apple improves the software so much with each new version update of its OS. FedEx delivered mine to my house today at about 2:30 P.M.!
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    has anyone found out how to get service
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    Yup, put your SIM card in a 3GS, fixed.
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    ddddddddddddd wrote:
    has anyone found out how to get service

    Based on the detail in your post I would say contact AT&T and set yourself up with a phone plan.