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    I tried everything on this thread -- including a full system restore -- but it was registering for the stupid game center that finally worked.
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    Whoops, spoke too soon -- was able to update one app and now it's broken again.
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    @supes29 solution worked for me.... Went to settings... Store... View account... And toggles Genius to off.  Now I can access iTunes from within the iPod app.


    Before, I would, for exmple, try to " get more episodes" of a podcast from the iPod app... Then it would open iTunes app with "cannot connect to iTunes store" error.  It was super strange since I could connect to the iTunes store directly, just not from the iPod app on my iPad. 


    Tried all the other solutions... Supes29 solution was the last one I tried (since it seemed so random... What's the genius bar got to do with it I'll never know)... But it was the only one that worked!


    iPad wifi, no 3G, 64GB, with iOS 4.3

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    I have the same problem and I tried the following

    restoring the iPad and restoring from backup than it opens the app/iTunes store a couple of times than suddenly it's not working again

    restoring the iPad and don't restore from backup the same thing happens .. working than not working !


    changing from WiFi to 3G network connection, changing WiFi network, disabling firewall (on my laptop) even though I don't think any sittings in the laptop has nothing to do with iPad functioning or not !!


    signing out of the account from the sittings and signing in again


    and the strangest thing was when I view my account a white page appear ! (looks like basic HTML page)


    I also contacted apple support through email and they just direct me to phone numbers or some articles in their support site which I already read !


    more over I tried connecting to the store through upgrading some apps I already have

    also opening the store through safari and then get directed to the app store but also didn't work


    and the sad thing is not having an official support center in the middle east !

    some resellers fix only hardware problems not software problems.


    I don't know what to do !! this is really frustrating ! there's no use of iPad if I can't connect to app store and purchase apps ( at least for me )


    the only solution I didn't try is downgrading my iOS which make no sense because I should be able to upgrade without any problems and if I downgrade I would I have to don't upgrade any more !! doesn't make sense !


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    Hi again

    I just solved this problem on my iPad

    My account was a US  account were I live in Saudi Arabia, so I just created a saudi Arabia account and taddaa !!

    The problem is solved and I have access to iTunes\app store :)

    So just make sure to have your account sittings properly set !

    Hopefully this tip will be helpful :)

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    hi again and again ;P

    opps another time not able to connect "cannot connect to iTunes store" !!

    even using to my new Saudi account ... I hate this

    it seems it's a hardware mallfunction !

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    Hey guys,

    Just thought I'd share how I finally got my App Store/iTunes Store to work on my iPad 2 (btw, using iOS 4.3.3). So I haven't been able to use either store since upgrading to 4.3.2 after receiving a replacement iPad from Apple for screen bleeding.. Been searching forums for days looking for a solution, but haven't found anything that works until I tried something myself.


    First, log out of your iTunes account in

    Second, close App Store/iTunes Store in the task manager

    Third, open up iBooks (or download and install through computer)

    Fourth, iBooks will ask you to sign in with your apple I.D.

    Lastly, once you're logged in the iBooks page should load. From then on everything should work fine.


    Hopefully it helps,





    --You can't take the sky from me.--

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    I just recently updated my iPad 1st gen to 4.3.3 and now i am getting "Cannot connect to itunes store" message. I have tried everything i read here but no luck! Any other suggestions???

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    Go into Settings, then Store, tap on your Apple ID and sign out.  Sign back in with your credentials.   Worked for me.

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    I've tried everything on this list. Apple's Express Lane online help changed my password and I can log on with it on my Macbook and my iPhone. But it won't work on my iPad.


    I have a Genius Bar appt on Sunday but I'm trying to fix it in the meantime.


    When I go into the settings and go into the existing Apple ID logon it asks me for my email instead of my logon. I've used my email tied to the Apple account. Doesn't work. Neither does my existing "Apple ID." I've rebooted. Nothing works. Any more ideas?

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    I am so annoyed! I did everything that was suggested and even signed out of my account. Now I can't sign back in. This stinks!

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    The suggestion by CapitanMal worked for me. Log out of your account then login via ibooks.  Weird but true.

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    I gave up after trying almost everything listed here.  I created a new Apple ID.  Fortunately, I have several email accounts so I just started over using a new email account.  Annoying, but it worked.

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    Thanks captinmal, this worked for me

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    The iBooks workaround worked for me too. Thanks Captinmal. Was driving me nuts when all was well with iPhone and iMac

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