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I was updating my ipod touch to the new ios 4, i left it to update, but when i came back to it, the update had stopped, my ipod then disconnected from itunes, and now has the usb cable to itunes logo screen stuck on it. If i turn my ipod off it goes off as normal, but when i turn it on, the apple logo is there for a few seconds, but then it goes back to the connect to itunes screen. Everytime i connect my ipod to my computer, it doesnt show up in itunes, and windows comes up with a small window saying...
'Found new hardware'
'Windows needs to install driver software for your apple mobile device (recovery mode)'
It gives me options on what to do, 'locate and install driver software' 'ask me again later' & 'dont show this message again for this device'. I choose the first one to install the driver software, it searches, but then comes back with another window saying...
'Insert the disc that came with your apple mobile device (recovery mode)' but i dont have that, so i click for other options, and it browses the web and never finds anything. This is so frustrating, my ipod will not connect to itunes so i cant restore it, i dont even know if i'm on ios 4 because i can't even get on it.

Hewlett Packard, Windows Vista