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i have recently updated my software on my iphone 3gs to the ios 4 version, and when i plugged in my phone, everything like music and apps synced, but my photos and videos did not transfer from my phone to my computer,
i tried taking the passcode off my phone, but it didnt help,
also when i go inot my pictures folder through my computer they used to be in seperate folders, split up as one folder got full another would appear, now they are all in one single folder called '800AAAAA'
is this normal? and how can i get my videos and photos onto my computer?
thank you.

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    The Album called "Camera Roll" is moved to a PC/Mac with a photo import program like iphoto on the mac and Windows built in camera wizard.

    THe other photos came from the sync computer and should be there.

    Another way, if you have only a few, is to email them to your PC.
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    i have a hp laptop which i use, but i dont have camera wizard or photoshop or anything, i do however have hp mediasmart which stores all my photos, yet the pictures and videos i need from my phone since the update are still not there,
    any other suggestions?

    thank you for the idea of email, i hadnt thought of that.
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    The photo's that were in the "camera roll" album on the iphone are not sync'ed. They are to be imported to your PC with whatever program you import photos from any camera. On my Dell, I use the built-in camera wizard on windows XP.

    I am not sure if the camera roll is backed up with the official itunes "Backup" but I assume it is. So short of recovering an old backup, I do not know how to get the old camera roll photos back.

    For the other albums, these photos are on your PC in the designated sync folder as per the itunes photo tab.
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    As mentioned before, photos in the Cameral Roll can be emailed (or sent MMS;) however, be aware that action will count against your data plan. If you have an unlimited data plan, don't be concerned. To move my photos from iPhone to my computer, I had to go to iPhoto and import them to that library. Video transfer may be the same way. Import from within iMovie. I've tried to transfer files as if the iPhone was a thumb drive, but the computer doesn't recognize it unless I use iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, etc.