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    Xav76 wrote:
    And last friday my phone provider told me they would get iPhone 4 this week (today actually) and told me they just received a note from Apple that it will take them at least 3 more weeks to me it sounds that they have quietly stop production and are checking what is really going on with that frigging antenna.

    Sounds interesting like conspiracy theory; I actually love it.
    I wonder if any more stories like this come out.
    My pre-order for the 14th has no update yet; but you would think if this were true then apple would halt it's own orders (other people are getting order updates from apple still)...

    Maybe your provider may want to limit its mess over returns of faulty or not fit for purpose goods?
  • Andy Thomas Level 1 (5 points)
    If it's of any help I have an iPhone 3GS and I updated to OS4 last week and since then I've had my signal drop completely on a number of occasions which never happened before on my version 3 s/w

    I've ordered my iPhone 4 and hope to get it in a few weeks time by which time I also hope they have this issue fixed with a firmware/software patch.

    I dont deny for one second that there isn't an ariel band issue on the iPhone 4, it seems very real, however I also suspect there are some s/w gremlins that have been introduced that have exaserbated the problem.

    It's very strange to see the phone with all 5 bars lit and a full 3G signal to then see it saying "searching" for no reason (given it's just sitting on my office desk and hasn't changed position)

    I also see they haven't implemented the full Bluetooth functionality yet, still no ability to skip tracks, but hey ho at least I can change the volume now ... I can live with that as long as it comes eventually. However I could never live with a phone that doesn't let me phone people .... crazy. There is a limit to how much users should have to put up with.

    Maybe the batch that comes in a few weeks time will be better.
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