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    Oikkeps wrote:
    I thought I'd post a follow up to my previous post. After work, I walked over to the Apple store here in Chicago and bought a bumper for my iPhone 4. I can confirm after much testing (200+'s with various hand positions and sitting it on a desk) that the bumper does fix the complete data stop issue. It seems though, that when holding the device with the hand near the antenna on the bottom, it does "slow" the connection, but not stop it. That's pretty standard for cell phones (Google about it regarding the Nexus One), so I can personally live with it, especially considering all the other nice phone features.

    On a completely unrelated note, the bumper is nice, except it does make the vibrate mode switch a pain to flip (long fingernails would be nice). I would recommend finding another third party case which is cheaper and also stops the antenna problem.

    Anyway, to finalize. I came to the same conclusion as everyone else in the thread: If you want to use an iPhone 4, you have to use gloves, a case, or be very careful how you hold it.

    What we want is a non-conductive coat applied for the edges of our phones as they should have been from the start. That or some other more clever idea. But preferably not free bumpers.

    I can't wait for this to get out to large mainstream media outlets.

    Apple, you get what you deserve.
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    It's a design flaw. Period.

    Apple's response that "Gripping any mobile phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance" is laughable, +especially when users on this forum have demonstrated that a rubber bumper eliminates the problem completely.+

    So many ostriches burying their heads in the sand, it's downright scary.

    Now watch as this post gets magically deleted....
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    iPHONEALONE wrote:
    This is my 4th iphone, i want my money back on this one, I will take 3GS rather than no reception. I may even just cancel my ATT contract and use ipad for connecting to net mobile. THIS PHONE *****!

    I guess you won't be getting a 3 GS, either:
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    This changes everything. Again. Including how you naturally hold a telephone. Think different: Hold Different.
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    i can replicate it as well...disappointing..
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    Just buy a case or the band. Don't you want to protect the phone anyway? If the case helps, buy and stop whining.
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    This is disappointing to hear about. I have a 3G and was planning on getting the 4 once all the fuss dies down. But I'm one of those weird people, who primarily uses it for making calls. Hopefully they'll release an updated model before too long to help alleviate this.
  • M.A Level 2 Level 2 (260 points)
    Looks like the price of my perfect condition 3GS with NO reception issues regardless of how I hold it just went way up...
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    Have tried a silicone case and a bumper. I have the issue indoors no matter what case I have tried so far. Outdoors it seems that I cannot reproduce the issue.
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    When I heard about this issue, I tried to replicate it on my phone but to no avail. Today, I was talking on my phone with the headphones attached, holding the phone in my left palm. I happened to notice the screen and saw my bars dropping down quickly, then to no bars, but I didn't drop my phone call. I moved the phone to a different position and the bars came back. I put it back in my left palm and the bars dropped down again to none, but I didn't lose my call.

    I was at Best Buy when this happened to find a case to protect my phone. I found one that happens to cover all the metal. I made my call again in my left palm and watched the bars drop to none, but again...didn't lose my call! The metal is completely covered on my phone now but it happened. I didn't lose connectivity either, so it must be some software bug or something I'm guessing.

    It's definitely NOT because our bodies are touching the metal and grounding the 2 antennas together because mine are now covered. But to me...right's a non-issue because I didn't lose my calls when the bars went to nothing.
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    I can replicate this issue. Signal drops from 4-5 bars to "searching for signal..." when I hold it in my palm or cover up the line on the lower left side of the phone. I understand that cell signals may degrade when you cover up the antenna, but I have never seen anything this severe, and I'm not holding the phone differently than I think most people hold their phones.

    This is a real issue.
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    My wife and I both got the new phone and both of our phones suffer from this problem. We did some testing and found that the proximity to a cell tower definitely makes a difference. Unfortunately, in our home, the signal drops to "searching".
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    Maybe Apple won't delete this post again. The truth hurts...

    ShaverZBT wrote:
    Just buy a case or the band. Don't you want to protect the phone anyway? If the case helps, buy and stop whining.

    Discussing what is a huge engineering flaw on the latest and "greatest" iPhone is not whining.

    Please refrain from spreading your apple-apologetic opinions and actually contribute to the discussion.

    Paying for an accessory to fix a design flaw is not a solution, and for once the iZombies are waking up to realize that.

    It's actually been really satisfying watching long time apple shareholders finally get fed up with Apple's antics.

    However, I'd rather just have a shiny new phone that can retain reception.
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    I am no longer going to buy this phone
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