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    Thank you Apple, for my 300.00 paper weight.
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    I guess mine is going to the ebay circuit. I have been a faithful consumer of apple products. Imac , 3 ipods, macbook pro and every gen. of iphone for a total of 4. Folks , this is ridiculous. and on top of this issue with reception when I pulled the front screen protector off I noticed a small piece of dust or debris under the screen about 1.5 mm to the left of the home button. I was in the process of putting on a Zagg invisheild. I know it is underneath because the glass because I could not get it off with a lint cloth and it did not cause a bubble with the new protector on. Just really disappointed in apple.
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    Well, I canceled my order for the black bumper and picked up a iFrogz Luxe Case (plastic) at AT&T today. The AT&T guy said that a previous customer and purchased one and it cleared up his problem but I have to say that I am still experiencing the loss of signal strength. I think I'm going to go ahead and keep it because I like the idea that the back glass is protected.

    On overall signal improvement, with the new antenna design, I have to say I am impressed. My old iPhone 2G had either NO Service or just one bar, I could not even send a text, and now I have 5 bars in many parts of my house. Until I pick up the phone of course.
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    The phone is probably jailbroken and screwed up the software.
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    Chins up It might improve. My reception was nonexistent yesterday in the house and I'm not talking just bars. I could NOT make calls. Today the phone is working fine and I've made two call from within the house. The only change I made was to reset the network. My iPhone is sitting in the same spot now that had "no service" and today I have three bars.
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    So I gave it another go in an area with weaker reception and with my hand just a bit sweaty, and I can replicate the issue by keeping my palm, not just my fingers, over the lower left corner of the stainless steel frame. Hopefully it's something they can address.

    I had a black bumper on order and typically don't hold my phone in that manner, so it's not really an issue for me in regular use, but I can see it being a big issue for a lot of people. With luck it won't take too much to correct.

    Before you go nuts over this and pulling your hair out, take a deep breath. Apple will likely spend the next 3-4 weeks studying the issue and collecting data from users all over the world and from carriers like AT&T. They'll investigate a fix and spend time testing it in the wild. All of this will take some time and you won't get regular updates as they work on the issue.

    If you can't wait, don't want to use a bumper or some other case, usually cover the lower left portion of the phone when you talk, and/or don't typically use a hands free device with your phone, then return it now. No amount of anger or frustration will get if working any more quickly. If however you accept this as part of being and early adopter and don't mind using one of the simple work arounds, then you'll be fine for a while as they work through the problem.
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    So I just hung up with Apple Support, reached via at&t (Press 0, then 1) and the VERY nice woman that answered said that it is a known issue and that Apple should be releasing a statement "any minute" and to look for it on the site. Let's see if she is right...
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    stanswx wrote:
    If they wanted us to have the bumper, they should have included it at no cost with the iPhone 4. I ordered one at the same time as my phone but it won't be here till Tuesday.

    And they should be selling a dock, and a universal docking system insert, sized for phone+bumper. Having to use any kind of case that will prevent the phone from fitting in cradles and docks is an unacceptable long term solution.

    Me, I think I'll be putting some electrical tape over the antennas on the right side.
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    My new phone is sitting on my desk and I have been watching it for the past 5 minutes. Without me touching it or moving it(only to keep the screen on) the bars constantly move from 5 to 3 to none to 2 to 5, etc. All without my fingers or hands on the phone, which causes me to thing it's AT&T's fault.
    I'm not saying touching/covering the side/black bar doesn't do anything or that a cover does...I'm just saying that the signal strength fluctuates with the phone just sitting there without me touching it.
    My wireless signal does the same thing, changing from 3 arcs to 2 or 1 and back again. all without moving the phone or touching it.
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    I wrapped some electrical tape around the bezel as best I could and that helped. This morning I stopped by the Apple Store and bought a bumper which seems to have mostly solved the problem.

    I showed the Apple Genius how I could reproduce the dropped signal by how I held the phone. He said he has seen it many times today already, but that there has been no official word from Apple. I suppose they are mostly still in bed in California.

    I felt sorry for the Apple Store employees. They had a crowd of hundreds waiting to pick up their faulty phones and all they can do is sell them without looking too guilty. They also know they're going to be busy once everyone discovers what a lemon they are picking up.
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    well.. i'm right handed.. and i hold my phone on the right hand all the time.... it might just be a coincidence that he's holding the phone on the right?!
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    Perhaps it is related to signal strength. Received my black 32gb phone via FedEx from Apple yesterday. At home (San Mateo, CA), whenever I would pick up the phone (right or left hand) all signal bars would disappear. When I placed the phone in an old iPhone dock - again, all signal bars would disappear. Now I'm at work in downtown San Francisco - Full 5-bars. No matter how I hold the phone, I can't seem to replicate the dropped signal issue. Using same dock - still no problems. FYI - No screen issues and not a hiccup when activating the device last night. But I tell you, this is the last time I will be an early adopter for any Apple product! I'm getting too old for all this drama.
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    Im right-handed as well, but when I surf the web...I hold it like most, in my left and use my right hand to scroll. I imagine this is the case for many which will result in poor reception.
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    A simple speck of scotch take completely solves this whole problem. Give it a try.
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