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  • BigDaveS123 Level 1 (70 points)
    jlat96 wrote:
    who thinks this is just a coincidence?

    what is a coincidence?
  • Jayden007 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have a better one ladies and gents, I just put in a repair order due to my iphone 4 having an issue, but none the less, then shipped out my replacement yesterday overnight. Obviously the replacement was supposed to get here today, but for some reason, Apple put a security hold (what ever that is)on the package and it has not left origin yet. Apparently, there is a security hold on every apple product with fedex from what apple explained to me. They could not tell me why though...??? Gee I wonder....

    Whats up with that...???

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  • Paco the Dancer Level 1 (0 points)
    I know several UPS drivers and they sometimes deliver ATT stuff. Theft happens at all companies but UPS would not have allowed this type of widespread theft situation to happen with a multi- million dollar account like Apple.

    Maybe if FDX paid their workers a living wage like UPS does they could actually go buy an iphone instead of steal one.

    UPS was delivering Apple stuff recently but FDX must have won the contract.

    I bet UPS will be getting Apple stuff back soon.
  • pberk Level 2 (285 points)
    They may not be FedEx employees - in Manhattan, FedEx EXPRESS are FedEx employees and they contract our the FedEx ground service to other delivery companies.....
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    Dude Are u Serious? WOW I can't believe it...Thanks for the info, next time i order something i will make sure to open the package before they leave.
  • Paco the Dancer Level 1 (0 points)
    Its FDX that made the deal with Apple to deliver one of the hottest products on the planet and they simply dropped the ball. They promised ATT and Apple delivery service not widespread theft of the actual product.

    The old FDX Express 10 years ago could have done the job. But now you have the low wage FDX ground workers in the mix and bad service.

    I hope Apple is learning their lesson in you get what you pay for.

    What a mess this is now for Apple.
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    That one sound like it's in Fed Ex's court. Once they take possession of an item it's their responsibility to deliver it securely by the "deliver by" date. Especially since it's marked as "Out for Delivery" They obviously "lost" it. So funny - I've never had a problem with Fed Ex - always the best service. I had a 2600 dollar MacBook Pro delivered a couple years ago when I lived in California. I guess the phone may be easier to steal because of it's size.

    I'd keep on Apple - it's not your fault Fed Ex "misplaced" your item - No reason they should make you wait weeks while the two companies try to resolve the issue.

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    First off I want to wish all you guys luck with getting your phones.

    I myself ordered on the 15th and the order was canceled by apple and ultimately, today, after a long frustrating process, I went to the at&t store and bought one. I have to admit that hearing, and living, these nightmares about phone order disasters, be it pre-orders, Fed-ex theft or order cancellations, I myself will NEVER order any product for delivery from Apple.

    It's like mailing a block gold and telling every delivery person you're mailing a block of gold, and expect to delivery it on the such and such date.
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    Same story here. So ridiculous. Apple did say that they will send me a free bumper to compensate my loss. Woo-Hoo. I've been tempted to flag down every fed-ex truck I've seen today and question everyone, but decided otherwise. Stayed up all night until pre-ordering opened the very first day, shipping was delayed 3 days, and now this. Apple told me they would contact me by email within 24 hours, so we will see what happens. I hope Steve Jobs is reading this. What a disgrace to apple and Fed Ex. I think Apple should say NO SHIPPING ALLOWED. They woo us into choosing the shipping option, saying its "free" and no need to wait in lines. When really, things get damaged and even stolen along the way. All phones should go to the nearest ATT or apple store with a huge sticker on the box with your name on it. Instead, my long-awaited, high priced iPhone 4 is somewhere listed illegally on the internet. And someone, somewhere out there is gonna make a thousand bucks.
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    Thousands of cell phones are delivered nationwide by UPS everyday for the cell phone companies so I don't think UPS should be blamed and penalized for this issue that FDX has created.

    Why would FDX even attempt to deliver an empty box? Don't those shipments have tamper proof tape? All seems very strange.

    Are there that many people at FDX willing to be fired in this economy for a stupid phone?
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    aznbakasaru wrote:
    my friend who works at fedex said that they might lose their contract with apple because a lot of iphones were getting "lost", i prefer "stolen". my other friend was an accomplice to stolen iphones 3gs' and blackberry's a year ago from fedex. obviously i dont kick it with him anymore because i was gonna report him and his friend who was the one actually stealing them from fedex when they were scanning them in. this is why im not ordering mine online, i heard they're going to be shipped fedex, and this guy hasn't been caught yet. anyways, i hope all of you get your cases resolved and your iphones soon. best of luck to you guys!

    Thanks for not reporting your "friend" so he can continue stealing from others.
  • Dave Kroske Level 1 (135 points)
    Very excellent advice. Thanks.
    THere is now motivation to be sitting on the porch when FedEx arrives. Assuming someone is (now) aware of this empty box being delivered, what is the best procedure upon the driver handing you the box? (And he/she is still present.)
    1) check seal and if broken, open box (before signing) to see if contents are present? If empty, refuse shipment I'd guess.
    2) If box looks truly untampered with, I'd ask driver to pause for 30 seconds anyway, so you can confirm contents are there. I'd guess procedure is to sign before opening, but an enthusiastic person (with box cutter in hand ;o) might be able to open box before signing (in their excitement ;o).
  • Piglith Level 1 (15 points)
    People expecting a phone shipped to them should be aware of this problem. This topic should not be left to filter down. Verify packing tape and box damage. If you suspect tampering with the package DO NOT sign for it. Have the driver contact their HQ and open the package in front of them. Make sure you get driver’s Name/Employee number.
  • William Kucharski Level 6 (14,985 points)
    Paco the Dancer wrote:
    Thousands of cell phones are delivered nationwide by UPS everyday for the cell phone companies so I don't think UPS should be blamed and penalized for this issue that FDX has created.

    Thousands are delivered by FedEx, too.

    Theft happens at UPS, FedEx and the USPS for that matter.

    A box enters the system with a product in it, somewhere along the line an employee decides to help themselves to the contents.

    It happens, people can be horrible.

    It's not restricted to any one company - heck I once worked at a company where things were disappearing out of boxes at the company shipping dock, and people were pilfering RAM and hard drives out of the computers on people's desks, not to mention stealing personal items from their offices.

    It's not FedEx's "fault," the question is how they deal with it, and the bottom line is, when it's a $600 phone (non-contract price) there's going to be paperwork and process involved.
  • Dave Kroske Level 1 (135 points)
    That's true. While many drivers might not notice a broken seal, I bet many more do. Especially for apple products on launch day (or the 23'd). I wonder what Fed Ex procedure is for drivers who see a tampered package? Especially one that 'feels' empty!
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