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  • imagine engine Level 2 (235 points)
    The software fix that Apple is referring to was already released to show the true signal strength in a customer area. From what I've experienced travelling in the USA is that while AT&T has great coverage they do have an issue with their 3G network which definitely needs improvement. Most times I get either below or just above 1 Mbps download speed on AT&T USA HSPA (3G) 7.2 Mbps network with between 1 to 3 bars signal strength. Compare that to my speed in Canada on Rogers HSPA+ (3.5G) 21 Mbps network.

    Test Date: 8/18/2010.
    Test Location: Vancouver, Canada.
    Model: iPhone 4 32 GB (Maximum HSPA (3G) download speed capable 7.2 Mbps).
    Network: Rogers HSPA+ (3.5G 21 Mbps).
    Download: 6256 Kbps (6.2 Mbps).
    Upload: 2156 Kbps (2.1 Mbps).
    3G Signal: 5 bars.
    Issues: None.
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    FrankW1029: Just curious what the results were, did you ever fix your signal issue.. i have the same issues.. even in strong regions AND with the bumper i bought on..

    I did call and have ATT push an update to my phone.. i think things are better now, though i still dropped 1 call yesterday, in a spot where with 3G iphone i never would uggg

    Havent tried the simcard change or iphone swap just yet.

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    Oh. Poor quality. Before I bought iphone 4, I thought maybe the signal issue was not that serious. While,when I'm really using it, I can now feel how frustrating it is with a always-one-bar signal. And phone calls are often cut off because of bad signal. Besides, to my surprise,holding the upper left corner can really decrease the signal. What a tragedy.

    Maybe Apple should do more to compensate for our losses.
  • TerrorFaced Level 1 (0 points)
    Dear Apple, YOU FRAUDULENT *******!

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