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I have a new iPhone 4 with a Gmail account connected via Exchange. Have same account linked in to my Mail application on my MacBook Pro (through POP I think). The phone will chime when a new email arrives but when I go to check it, I briefly am able to see the message and then it disappears without me having done anything. I have tried to check all folders but am unable to locate the message(s). This is happening especially with emails exchanged on a long thread. I do not know if my Mail on my MBP is having anything to do with taking it off the server once it is downloaded or what, but this is VERY annoying, since I am unable to read or respond from my phone. I have to check my MBP to read the email or do anything with it. I will try and tinker with it a little but is anyone else having the same issue? Any help from the wizards at Apple?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Quick follow up, it definitely has something to do with my Mail on MBP. Emails seem to arrive sooner on the iPhone probably because of the push from Exchange. As soon as it arrives in my inbox on the MBP it disappears from the phone. Any ideas?
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    Im having the exact same issue with my MBP and iphone 4. The mail will chime on my iphone 4, but when i open the inbox, there is no new mail shown. However, if i can see the new mail on my MBP. This is getting frustrating...
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    It has been my experience that the emails disappear when logged into Outlook on my computer. If I close Outlook, then the issue of the disappearing emails on the phone go away. If I open Outlook on the computer, I can receive the email on my Iphone but once the email shows up in Outlook it disappears from the phone.

    If anyone knows how to make it stop doing this, that would be great.
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    try setting the mail on the macbook to be imap and you shouldnt have this issue I have it setup as imap and have no issues
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    I have had a long standing annoyance where my Gmail account on my iPhone (both when I had a 3G and now with an iPhone 4) will briefly show the e-mail message on the phone when I open the mail app and it downloads the new message, but then it will almost instantly disappear from the list of messages. I have to either check for new mail again manually or close out of the mail app on the phone and reopen it (which will cause it to check for new mail) in order for the message to show up again.

    That's happened to me dozens of times on both my old iPhone 3G running 3.0.x and 3.1.x and now on the iPhone 4. I don't use the mail client on my MBP. . .I just use the web interface for Gmail. It's an annoyance, for sure, but I learned to live with it since I'm easily able to get the disappearing message to come back on the phone.

    I've always had my Gmail account set up as an IMAP account on the iPhone.
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    timmergen wrote:
    Quick follow up, it definitely has something to do with my Mail on MBP. Emails seem to arrive sooner on the iPhone probably because of the push from Exchange. As soon as it arrives in my inbox on the MBP it disappears from the phone. Any ideas?

    On your MBP - go to your account settings and "leave mail on server" (or something similar, depending on your MUA).. What's happening is with POP3 is that once your MBP polls the server - it's downloading that e-mail off your server "inbox" and into your local mailbox MBP account.

    As you are using PUSH on your iPhone - it will then delete the e-mail from your iPhone mail, as that e-mail has been downloaded/deleted by your MacBook in that mail transaction - and that e-mail now only resides on your MacBook..

    Let me know if that works, OK???

    - John
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    I have had the same issue with the disappearing inbox also. I am using Outlook and found out that POP3 servers do not keep a copy of the e-mail by default. I had to go into my Outlook settings and request to keep a copy of the e-mail on the server.

    In Outlook: Tools, Account Settings, highlight desired account, change, more settings, advaanced. Check box "leave a copy of message on the server".

    I hope this helps all Outlook users...
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    I have almost exactly the same problem. My phone chimes that I have a new mail, I can see it briefly then it disappears (occasionally, seemingly without reason). But for the the message is entirely gone. Accessible neither through Mail or through my Gmail webmail account. Anyone have any thoughts on the cause?
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    I have the same problem! At first I thought it must have been my 2 y old sone swiping away on the iPad. But now I saw it happening in front of my eyes with my iPad, iPhone and computer on the table!


    No doubt about it as I start "Mail" on my mac to reply to the mails a read on the iPhone the are gone fomr the IMBOX


    (I have no auto-remove feature on, on any of my devices)

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    Do you also have an PC machine with Outlook connected to the same IMAP acount?

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    I'm having this problem too. My outlook account is pop but IMAP on iPhone and iPad. Emails delete from iPhone and iPad once outlook is opened and downloads mails. I've checked the box saying leave a copy of the message on the server as advised but this problem still recurs. I don't know what to do. I presume I can't change my outlook email to be IMAP also or is this possible? I can't seem to change the settings from POP to anything else. Can anyone help?

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    Did anyone ever give a fix for this problem?  I have same issue in Outlook on iPhone where emails disappear before I can read them.  Also, same is fact that when Outlook is closed on my pc, the emails do not disappear.  I have had my phone for several years and this just started.  I recently updated the iOS to 7.0.4.  Could this be the problem?

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    For me the problem was resolved when I installed Lion...

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    I experienced this problem yesterday (Iphone 4S IOS7.0.4)


    First I had an error trying to send an email 'could not connect to server'

    I think I tried to open the message in the outgoing folder. Then I saw a weird date on a blank sender email

    I rebooted and poof - all my email folders for 4 accounts were empty


    I think emails get removed after some amount of time - I am wondering if the email app got confused about what the date was and tidied up!