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Today my iPhone just stopped working. It won't turn on. I've plugged it in to the wall jack & charged it for 30+ minutes to make sure it wasn't the battery. Then I did a hard reset. It shows the apple logo & then turns back off.

I'd restore the phone thru iTunes, but since the phone won't turn on, iTunes won't recognize it. Any advice??

I've had this phone for 19 months & never experienced a problem like this.

dell, Windows Vista
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    Did you upgrade to iphone 4.0 software?
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    samething happen to me after update what you need to do sad to say is go to apple store and make sure you bring a laptop with you so you know forsure after they fix it that it works

    i was at the apple store for over 2hours yesterday working with this real cute girl trying to fix it it took 2hours but we did it 1st couple of time the phone appeared fixed but after hooking it up to my laptop same issue happen than during the second hour it fixed some how not quite sure how but she fixed it so if your in nyc i can tell you where to go and who to speak to in the apple store

    also what is happening to you and i is a rare problem apparently so good luck if you cant go to an apple store
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    I am having the same problem with my son's 3g after I tryed to do the update to 4. going to the apple store is not really an option because it is better than 2 hours away. i have started to read some of the other threads about upgrade problems but after the 2nd thread and more than 20 pages the words got blurry. Does anyone have an easy fox for this issue? other than try this, that and everything in between? I have 2 of these phones and i don't want a pair of paper weights, I knew there was a reason I kept my berry.
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    I thought I was the only one. Well after spending a few hours trying to figure it out and talking with 3 different apple support customer service reps with no help I decided to look at these forums n found the solution. Basically you have to restore the phone which is going to erase everything so hopefully u have a back up.

    First I had to make sure iTunes was up to date with newest version.
    While connecting iPhone to PC you have to hold down the home button n the top button for about ten seconds then only let go of the top button but continue to hold down the home button until iTunes makes a beep noise recognizing the phone. It should ask if you want to restore your phone from recovery mode.

    I did mine last night and now it works fine.

    I hope this helps!
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    thank you thank you thank you!
    I've finally gotten itunes to recognize my phone so now I'm restoring it. Thank you so much Astra79!
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    I just want to tell you I love you. After having a major panic for the last 3 hours as to how I was going to get this brick working again, I found your solution. You should post it on every discussion board. Thank you thank you thank you
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    I tried this to fix it and it seemed to work. However a few hours later it happened again. Now attempting to restore it once again. Not good as I can not afford a new one.