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  • emd5000 Level 1 (0 points)
    Me too! Pretty annoying....come on Apple.
  • Jesse Diaz Level 2 (200 points)
    Well i sent out letter to all the addresses you guys provided...thanks.

    I gave up alot of alternative option for the almost $700 for 2 iPhone 4. ANd trust me for me, thats ALOT of money and not to have it work with no solution from Apple is too much for me to accept

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  • squarejp Level 1 (60 points)
    You have another option:
    return the iPhone 4 with no restocking fee from AT&T and Apple

    Read my post on how to do it:

    I was obsessed about the iPhone 4 problems and almost made me paranoid. Now I'm free after returning back to Stevie!
  • Shannon in TN Level 1 (10 points)
    Apple has ignored our pleas for help on this subject. Apple has time to delete the letter many people have started sending to the media to get help and all the post related to it. Apple does not seem to care or have time to give us real support and/or a real answer. Apple please stop deleting posts about this issue and offer a solution. If you don't want people sending letters to the media to get support, then offer some support and answers to your customers.

    The letter:

    The media has been covering the signal reception (“Death Grip”) issue with the Iphone 4 due to the antenna design. Hopefully, this coverage will encourage Apple to provide a serious resolution of this issue for their valued customers. 

    It appears that you may not be aware of another issue with the Iphone 4 or have decided not to actively cover it. This issue relates to the very poor proximity sensor operation in the new Iphone 4. The current functionality of the proximity sensor in the Iphone 4 results in phone calls constantly being placed on hold, muted, Face Time calls started and calls prematurely ending. It is extremely difficult to complete a successful phone call with the Iphone 4 due to the current operation of the proximity sensor.

    Please review the multitude of postings on this specific issue via the link below or search the Internet. Your review will uncover that this issue is as substantial as the “Death Grip” issue currently being covered in the media or perhaps may be more substantial in nature. 

    New and very loyal Apple customers have been searching for a solution to this very severe issue in hope of successfully using the Iphone 4 for one of it’s most important functions (making a simple phone call). So far the proposed Internet solutions may have worked for the minority of those whom have experienced this issue. However, these solutions have not worked for the majority of users. Each day new Apple Iphone 4 users find their way to the various websites to express their extreme frustration with this issue.

    Customers have contacted Apple Support for a solution and have not received one. Apple Support either denies that the issue is real or states that the customer must be holding their new Iphone 4 incorrectly (sound familiar). Many customers have had their Iphone 4’s quietly replaced by Apple in hopes of providing some resolution to this issue. Yet, Apple Support still denies that the issue is real. Replacement Iphone 4’s exhibit the same poor proximity sensor operation and the result is the continued inability to successfully complete a simple phone call on the device. Many new and loyal Apple customers are being forced to return their devices to avoid being placed under a long term AT&T contract with a faulty Iphone. 

    It appears that Apple is ignoring earnest requests from customers for support and resolution of this issue. I realize that your time is very valuable, but it is my hope that you will give consideration to my plea and provide coverage of the serious issue with the proximity sensors in the Iphone 4. Your consideration and coverage may make a difference and help Apple realize that it must provide some resolution to this serious issue or at least some information (hope) to their many Iphone 4 customers that this issue can and will be resolved.

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  • JohnOliver77 Level 1 (0 points)
    I had my iPhone 4 replaced after becoming sick of this issue. I was told by the store where I purchased it that 'there has been a batch with some reported issue'.

    I therefore waited for the store to receive a new batch, and then had my phone replaced.

    All the same issue are still there. Lack of signal and proximity sensor problem.

    Im totally disgusted with Apple but fear that as usual, the overall consumer experience will be ignored in favour of large profits.
  • Shannon in TN Level 1 (10 points)
    Dear John Oliver:

    You should send the letter and maybe we will get some answers. In fact all of us should send out the letter.
  • Txatty Level 1 (0 points)
    I have a genius apt today at 10:50 cst. I am very curious as to what they are going to say. I am left handed with big ears so basically, I am the person Apple loves to hate.

    I bought a bumper and that fixed the anti leftite antenna problem but the screen thing is a different matter that a $1 piece of rubber that apple sells me for $30 can't fix. My phone is not capable of being used as a phone because of the sensor issues. I'm ******.

    In the past month I have purchased 3 ipads, an iMac 27, and this iPhone 4. I was thinking of moving my office over to macs. If this doesn't get fixed, they have lost a potential long term customer.

    Maybe that dip in stick prices will get their attention. Loyal customer complaints sure don't.
  • Shannon in TN Level 1 (10 points)
    Dear Txatty:

    You should send the letter. It may help.
  • Nubz N. Community Specialists
    This thread is being locked, as it is becoming too long and some browsers are timing out before the thread loads. It is being continued in Issue with Proximity Sensor during calls - Continued.

    Thank you,

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