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Is anyone else having this problem I am receiving a voicemail for a missed call that is not showing up under recent calls. A couple of people have said I called you and it went straight to voicemail???

MB, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch, iPad 3g 32 GB, iOS 4
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    Yes, same thing happening here.
    I replace the Handset through Apple Shop, replace sim card, wipe handset, delete all application.

    Same thing still.

    Some people said its a problem with Push Email...
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    I am having the same problem. My carrier is Virgin Mobile. I have replaced the handset ans sim, yet problem still persisted until I change my phone setting to 2G rather than 3G. Since doing this I have had no problems. I don't consider this to be a solution as we have paid for and are subscribed to 3G service, however my phone is once again working and reliable, so I will use 2G until 3G is working properly.
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    Same problem here, has happened a few times. Just recently happened about an hour or so ago, wife told me she called twice but it didn't ring. However this time I DID see the 2 calls show in the missed calls list, whereas when this happened before I didn't see the calls at all, just got the vmail. I verified it wasn't her phone by calling my phone from a landline and got hte same, rang straight to vmail. I reset power to the phone to fix, just like I did all previous times this happened. I don't recall this happening on my Blackberry or at least if it was peeps weren't notifying me about it. Also have had texts not come to my phone that my wife said she sent. Here is a thread I just started on it a bit ago where a dude says it's the network and not my phone but still unsure->

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    Anyone who received an Iphone 4 (like me) will have to reset their voicemail in most cases (or calls will continue to go into voicemail, bypassing the phone).

    To solve, call 611 and go thru the password reset procedure.

    Once you do that, you'll receive a text with a temporary voicemail password.

    Calls should now flow normally and only go into voicemail when not answered or call is declined.

    Hope this helps.
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    What do you mean by "received an iphone 4 (like me)"? How exactly did you receive it? I don't think your instructions would have anything to do with what we are experiencing as this doesn't happen with every call, just some calls.
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    I am having the same problem but only after closing the phone thing, after double clicking to close all tasks if the phone one is left open it works fine, if not all calls go straight to voicemail. Only noticed this after changing my greeting.
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    Same here, I needed to reset my voicemail. Then voila problem fixed.
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    Hi, my iphone 4 was purchased sim free from Apple in August 2010 and has worked fine until today when all of a sudden all incomming calls have gone straight to voicemail and when I try to make an outgoing call or call my voicemail it will not let me connect.

    SMS still sending and receiving and wireless/ internet still okay.

    Spent over an hour on the landline to Tmobile who went through the whole switch on/off, take out sim card, reset settings then restore phone through itunes, none of which worked. They say it is an Apple issue but Apple say my warranty is out of date?? Really.......after under 4 months!!

    Any help or advice grearfully received.
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    The iPhone includes a one year warranty which begins on the purchase date, but free telephone support is provided for the first 90 days only after the purchase date. If the problem you call about after the first 90 days turns out to be valid and an exchange under warranty is required, the charge for the call will be credited. This is to prevent/reduce calls that someone should be able to figure out for themselves by checking the iPhone user guide, or Apple's support website including these discussions.

    If you live near an Apple store, you can make an appointment.
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    exactly the same with me - Apple changed phone but still same problem. Im on o2 in Birmingham - problems making calls and calls going to VM without ringing - driving me CRAZY!