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    im getting the same error 1004 my phone is stuck in recovery mode, anyway find out anything on how to fix it?
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    I had the error 1004 issue yesterday evening with my brand new iPhone 4
    After several hours, I found the beginning of a solution
    A few month ago, when I wanted to jailb... my iPhone 3G, I added a DNS entry in the host file (I can't really remember what it was for).
    This entry was for (probably the activation servers, necessary for restoring devices).
    I deleted this entry (/etc/hosts), deleted my cache, and everything went fine.

    For those who don't have this entry, just check that you have access to
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    I had iPhone 4 plugged in to the PC while vieweing iTunes app store and my PC made the sound that happens when you plug a device in. I no longer saw my iPhone in iTunes and when I looked at my Iphone screen it was black! I have only had it since the 23rd. I hope I can get a replacement soon as I goto the apple store. BTW I have tried all the usual reset and dfu mode as well with no response...


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    Like tmendonca, my new iPhone 4 suddenly stopped working after less than 24 hours. It's not locked up, the entire thing seems to be dead, yet charging, resetting and restoring do not work. Sadly, I bought it directly from the Apple store, so I cannot simply walk in and exchange it and Apple support has been less than helpful.

    My options? Well, I can mail my only phone back into them. Not a problem, they say. Just take the sim card out and put it in ANY other AT&T phone. WRONG! I tried that and the smaller sim card does not fit in either the iPhone 3GS or another AT&T phone I tried. Both take a larger sim card. Thanks Apple!

    OK, we can mail you a new phone and you can mail us back the defective one, they say. BUT... There's a $29 charge for this service AND we need to charge your debit card $500 until we get the original phone back and process it. Service? Hmmm... It seems like you're just fixing the defective product you sold me. I think Apple should pay ME $30 for my time spent in resolving the issue with THEIR defective product. Thanks Apple!

    Now, since the phone stopped working on Friday (less than 24 hours after receipt), the earliest a new phone would be mailed out is Monday, since they only ship on business days. sigh OK, I email the support person my debit card info to get the order rolling. Uh oh, she's out of the office for the weekend. So, I borrow a friend's phone and call today and get put on hold for 20 minutes before I finally hang up. Thanks Apple!

    I'm a paramedic. I use my phone at work to call hospital emergency rooms, poison control, pt.'s families, etc. Now I have no phone to use until this is resolved. Not only has Apple been less than helpful, what little help they do offer requires a PHONE! I can see that I'm going to have to spend more time and money trying to get this taken care of. I'm mad enough to just get a refund and switch to another smart phone.

    Thanks for everything Apple!
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    Thank you!

    I had forgotten about that entry in hosts. That solved my error problem. I had almost given up. I guess those are the troubles we sow when jail breaking.

    I'm glad I found your post.
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    Thank god for this forum.My iphone completely stopped working yesterday and was at a loss as to why.I have only had the phone for 3 weeks so was covered by the my networks insurance,but was concered as it was christmas and knew that i would not have my phone back and fully working until way in the new.It was too late to contact my network provider so decided to try a forum.After 1 minute of searching i found the answer to my problem.Unsure if holding the home key and sleep key together for 8 secs would work as suggested,i tried with baited breath and hey presto.Full system restored,and my god what a relief.Thanks so much for this invaluable information.I am one happy bunny again
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    I need assistance here, I have an iphone 4, it worked for a little while and stopped working. Anytime I try to charge it, it wouldn't charge (that is, the battery icon will remain the same for a long time without changing from red to green to indicate that it charging) and if I use a laptop to charge, after a little while the apple logo will display with a round loading icon that does not rotate and it will keep on going off and one until the battle goes flat.


    What can be said to be the problem with the phone? is that the battery is bad or the OS is not working? Pls help here. 



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