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Mark Crandell Level 1 Level 1
The playlists on my computer sync to the iPhone 3gs ios4 but any itunesU items in playlists are missing from the playlist on the device. (They show just fine in iTunes 9.2, only problem is on the device)

I tried editing one of the playlists on the device, tried to add an itunesU track to a playlist, no error messages, but the play list remains empty after I've clicked the add button repeatedly.

And the playlists work just fine if I select the songs and switch the media type from "Itunes U" to "Podcast"


Windows 7
  • dkklee Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same problem.

    1. Create within iTunes a playlist using iTunesU items. Check that the items play on iTunes.
    2. Sync with iPhone.
    3. Check that the same items are available on iPhone.
    4. The playlist appears on the iPhone but it is blank.

    The same problem does not arise with music items.

    I was using the playlist to re-order the iTunesU items which are often out of order if they were released out of order.
  • cgrayson Level 1 Level 1
    Put me down as another victim of this behavior. I have a playlist of iTunes U and regular MP3 song tracks, but on my iPhone it only shows the songs. I can't think why it would work this way on purpose; it must be a bug.