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    Only certain information is stored on Mobile Me and most of them are the usual items like Calendar, Contacts, Email Messages and even so you would have explicitly opted and activated these services, they would not happen without your approval.

    What is more interesting though is the way you use your phone and not just the data stored in them. I am sure Apple collects some info on this and as you know when you are online, Google does the same too. Data collection is slowly becoming inevitable when you start to use services connected to the internet; the sole purpose is for advertising and product/service improvement.
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    It's been four months and I still have my iPhone 3G that was replaced at the Apple Store back in December. I am sorry to say that there is no improvement. My phone is always hot to the touch. I have turned off and reset and tried everything you can find on the Internet to resolve performance issues. My phone locks up runing the phone app, iPod, calendar and crashes out of Twitter, Facebook, Photos, Reddit, Google, Pandora repeatedly. I can not downgrade to 3.1 because it fails every time I try. It will never sync with my computer/iTunes without a reboot first.

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to upgrade to an iPhone 4 now but my contract ends in August. Forget this I am going to use my Droid phone from now on.

    Thanks Apple. for nothing.....
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    A last ditch effort to visit the Apple Store last Friday with my issues ended up in the same cyclic conversation I've been a part of at least 6 times which always starts off with "Did you try restoring your phone?" Yes "Did you try resetting all settings?" Yes "After the restore did you replace items manually or restore from your backup?" Yes and No I did it both ways per your instructions.

    I have done EVERYTHING these Genius Bar people have told me to do. I actually helped 2 other iPhone users with their issues while waiting in line which in turn save them from having to spend time on their visit and moved me up in the queue. I know this stuff because I do it all day long for other people. I spent all afternoon Friday after my visit restoring 2 Samsung Captivate phones from their bricked state for one of my clients. At no point did I have to call Samsung/AT&T or walk into a Genius bar to get interrogated and judged to the effect of "How dare you have problems on our perfect yet closed platform!!" It was a fairly straightforward process.

    Apple has screwed up with us 3G users and basically only cares about new customers. The AT&T virus has invaded Curpertino
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    Amen to that. I agree completely. My 3G is so sluggish I want to throw it in the trash and just start over. I refuse to go to iPhone4 (waiting for either iPhone 5 or a better Android phone). I've done complete restores and it is still as slow as molasses. Apple is turning off it's customer base. I'm now considering other platforms. Such a shame it has to be that way. A bloated organization (Apple) offers a bloated operating system for the users of its older technology.
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    Struggled with this issue for months.  Finally today went back to 3.1.3 o/s and happily I have my Iphone back!   Never will I trust the upgraded o/s again!  

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    We have three 3Gs in our household.  Two are running 3.1.3 and one suffers with 4.2.1. 


    I believe Apple has abandoned 3G owners, the same group that suffered through 3G network startup when the product was first introduced.  Our household contract expires in two months and we're moving to Verizon Androids.


    I have long thought Apple was an honorable company with a strong customer focus, but my 3G experience forced me to rethink this position.

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    John, I still believe that Apple is an honorable company but I too am disappointed in the lack of response in dealing with this issue.  The easiest thing seems that Apple should have just admitted that the new o/s did not prove out on the 3g model and gave everyone a way to roll back.   I don't think anyone would have felt cheated by that and would have been happy to just have their phones working well again.   Then at upgrade time we would not be thinking about going elsewhere!   I finally reverted back to my BB phone for a couple of months before successfully getting my iphone back to the old o/s and running like it should.  I was a former pc tech that a few years ago switched to Mac and never have regretted the switch.   Then when going to the Iphone it was for the ease of syncing etc for my business needs and loved it till?????????    O/S 4 upgrade time!   For certain the lack of good customer care on this issue is extremely disappointing.   I live in Europe now and the 3g is still a huge item and still marketed widely here so it is not like this is an extremely outdated phone that just needs to be retired. 

    APPLE, For the sake of the great customer support that all Apple people have been used to in the past, PLEASE, customer care support and company leadership, step up to the plate for all your wanting to stay loyal customers suffering from this issue and give us the resolve that is needed here.   We want to applaud you and not tear you down.   We want to continue to tell people why Apple is the best hardware and customer care people in the world!  The numbers of people that have kept this thread going,  (thousands) are evidence of our desire to stick with you.   Now we just need you to stick with us, YOUR CUSTOMERS! 

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    This has caused me to really think I will Never EVER buy another Iphone.  So in 1 year Apple will abandon you and attempt to force you to buy new,,,  Shhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyytttttttttttttt.  Dope or Dog Food!!!!!  My 3G is soooooooooooooooooooooo sssslllllllloooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww...  Yes I did all they asked and it is crazy!!  I was starting to think Apple was a reputable company but that is truly out of the window!!!!

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    I too, am missing calls on the 3G running 4.2.1  because the screen won't unlock in time. Even just trying to wake it from sleep can take several tries.  I can no longer set an appointment on the fly at a salon, doctor's office or at a business meeting because it takes too long for the phone to respond, then we have to wait for calendars to load and update, then wait out a crash as soon as I touch the screen and so on. So I'm back to a paper-based calendar.  I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be embarrassed to say I'm using an iPhone --- hope Google appreciates all the Android customers I'm making for them.


    Overall performance seems to get worse with each app I update for 4.x, too, unless something else is compounding the problem?  How many resets in a day are forum members doing in order to function?  I need at least three a day.  I had retrograded once and it was fine but I eventually got lured back into 4.x because all my apps were upgrading and rolling out improved features. 


    No matter how fast technology is changing, if you want to consider a 2+ year old phone a dinosaur then please don't charge the equivalent of a mortgage payment for it. I guess this post is nothing more than another bitter complaint, thank you for the indulgence.

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    Hi, Ed.


    I came here because I wanted to get in touch with you about your sony vaio VGP-MCA20 PCI express adapter you talked about many years ago. I have one here and a macbook pro without SD card reader and some sd cards lying on my table that I wanted to import. Do you know if this adapter is still working on mac osx 10.6.7?


    Sorry for posting this here. I know this has nothing to do with the subject, but your post is the only place on google talking about this adapter in relation to a macbook pro.


    Thank you!

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    Hopefully I can help a little.


    I too have (had) a problem with iPhone 3g being extremley sluggish.


    I found the answer (or an answer) on YouTube this morning.


    Try this;


    Go to settings, then general, then home button, and finally spotlight search. (SpotLight search is basically the function that lets you search your iPhone for any document, contact, etc...... I never use it myself!)


    Untick all ticked items.


    Turn your phone off and on again.


    This speeded up my iPhone considerably.


    I hope this helps!!

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    To all people who had their phone turned into a BRICK.

    You are so right. We can complain all we want. Nothing will happen, I mean Apple will never help. Last year, I downloaded 4.2. BIGGEST MISTAKE. After a year of waiting for some hope, I said for get this...... I went and got myself the Samsung Infuse. It is amazing... it is supper faster than my IPHONE 3G. The screen is large and camera is 8 mp rear facing camera, among more fetures.  I LOVE IT!!! Check it out--GOOD BYE APPLE

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    I can't believe that after so long Apple still doesn't have a fix for this. I tried restoring and all the different methods on this thread but after a while the phone goes back to being sluggish, especially when using maps.


    It seems that some processes are not closing correctly and are hogging the phone.


    Apple, please fix!!

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    You could also do a HARD RESET, twice for maximum effect.

    To do a Hard Reset, hold both the Power and Home Button for a while.

    When the Slide to Turn Off option appears, ignore it.


    After that the phone will shut, but keep on Holding both the buttons  and then the Apple logo will appear.
    Let it load, repeat the process..

    This should successfully speed up your sluggish iPhone 3G.

    Well it did mine


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    I've done that and it helps for a little while. But as soon as I use the maps it slows down to a crawl.