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  • Jean-Baptiste Blanc Level 1 Level 1
    I can't say about 4.0 because I held off upgrading after reading the horror stories (yeah I am smart like that), but upgrading to 4.0.1 shows LITTLE TO NO SPEED difference with 3.1.3. My iPhone was slow once in a while before (i.e. slow keyboard response, slow opening some apps, phone not responding for several seconds...), and it actually is slow once in a while in 4.0.1, albeit less often.
    I hope it will last.
  • artyfewnote Level 1 Level 1
    TomNYC wrote:
    Yes, they are deluding themselves, *there is no speed increase for 3G iPhones with iOS 4.0.1.*

    Not for you. It worked fine for me.
  • Ben0488 Level 1 Level 1
    Sluggish performance and very disappointed with Apple for their work quality after all of their hard work to build consumer confidence. This is going to be from bad to worst if they don't do something drastic soon. Or maybe they just want people to buy their latest product.

    Best part of all is that the wallpaper function did not work until it is jailbreaked. What a laugh!!!
  • tt0987 Level 1 Level 1
    The fact is Apple totally did this on purpose to discourage older 3G users and drive them to purchase new phone. Prior to OS upgrade the 3G actually worked better than the 4G does now, but Apple greed is to make the 3G users so frustrated they will upgrade. Was told by Phone Provider that the 3G is "obsolete". I was a satisfied Iphone customer and loyal Apple customer, but after the OS4 upgrade and the fiasco with the new 4G phone, all the positive brand equity Apple had is trashed. Message for Steve Jobs, shame on your ego for ruining a great brand by rushing for revenues
  • sarke01a Level 1 Level 1
    I am extremely unimpressed with Apple's response to the problems with Version 4 of software.

    My 3g is now practically is so slow!

    I have tried many suggestions to no avail.

    I do not want to jailbreak or downgrade the software as it doesnt seem as if that is the answer.

    Come on Apple! Please provide a solution to the problem you have created. I will not be so quick in trusting your updates in the future - now without googling other people's experiences first.
  • martin0 Level 1 Level 1
    i had slowdown issues with my unbroken 3g
    a bloke from apple rang me this morning yes sunday after i had emailed my local apple retail store
    he said i should upgrade to 4.0.1 from a freshly restored phone and see what happens
    i did this at 2pm today and up till now is spot on and i have used all of my apps all 67 of them and tried to cause a crash and have not encountered 1 single problem (safari has 8 windows open stop watch running and the timer counting down)
    so put the phone back to its original condition and try it its worked for me
    i think this might remain a problem for jbroken phones
  • The Elz Level 1 Level 1
    Remember when installing any update to read what ti does 4.0.1 only corrects how the signal is displayed.the reason is so big as every update isn't a patch but a whole new operating system/firmware so always about the same size.if your phone is ok with 4.0 great if not 4.0.1 will not improve performance.
    I gave up & Installed 3.1.3 back a search for's not too hard to to but read the Instructions carefully & when I did it it wiped everything so was like a brand new phone (had to add numbers & everything) I synched then with outlook &got em back from that & the apps back from iTunes along with my music (minus saves etc)
    it was worth it if your unhappy.
    don't rely on apple.I've yet to even have a response from them in the 15 months I've been a apple customer.
    I won't be updating any firmware again....I'll stick with 3.1.3 & won't buy anoth apple product.
    There overpriced & not supported. People can't afford £400 - £800 a year for a new phone.
  • Christopher John Hunter Level 1 Level 1
    'must say, we don't for a minute think Apple did this on-purpose, or with the slightest intention of forcing hardware upgrades, etc - we've always found their products& support first-rate, and way-ahead of the competition - the only exceptions, we've experienced, in nearly twenty years, have been on TC & iOS4 for iPhone 3G, in both of which cases they've been very exceptionally & quite mysteriously unhelpful & unforthcoming ... difficult to understand & very odd !
  • totoleharicotvert Level 1 Level 1
    excuse me for my poor english, I'm French but I would like to explain my theory about this problem

    Is there someone here who try to compare iphone 3G perf with or without activating airplane mode ?

    I play a lot two games which consume heavy ressources : Guitar tour hero 2 and Guitar Hero

    With the 3.1.3 iOS I never had lags and when I installed the iOS 4 lags appeared !
    But I notice that lags disappeared when I don't have any network (in subway for example) so I try to put the airplane mode ON and then I notice the lag disappeared !

    My theory is that this iOS has some problems with the network detection and it's visible on the 3G ...

    But it's just my Theory, so I let you try and tell me your opinion about it please

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  • TomNYC Level 2 Level 2
    Magnus Lewan wrote:
    If your only goal is to stubbornly bash Apple for this, feel free to do so. If your goal instead is to be constructive, bash Apple for something else (there are plenty of reasons) and try to solve the remaining problem with your phone.

    Bashing Apple? How exactly am I doing that? I'm simply trying to save people from having to restore, re-install or any of the other time-consuming "tricks" people keep posting here that could potentially brick their phones, because they simply won't work, and any perceived speed increase is either that -- perceived -- or temporary.

    Secondly, Apple said that iOS 4.0.1 only contains a fix for how the phone reports reception quality and new bar graphics. Had 4.0.1 also fixed the problems 3G iPhone users have been posting about here in great numbers, it's unlikely Apple would have forgotten to mention this. The reason it wasn't mentioned is because they haven't fixed the problem yet. More likely is that 3G iPhone owners will get a fix in the iOS 4.1 release.

    How about you try to help those still with problems rather than ranting about me sharing my own advice regarding iOS 4, which, by the way, has been corroborated by many others who've posted in this thread.

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  • dale62 Level 1 Level 1
    same problem....very upset with this. I guess the idea that apple has is to **** everyone off with the 3g that we should go and commit for 2 years and get the new iphone 4G but apparently that is also bad. I hope that they release a fix for this ASAP - I'm going to look at the droid. I hope the fix happens before I go to verizon. time for these companies to shut up and earn my business!
  • SpaceDog1975 Level 1 Level 1
    Any apple employee suggesting the .01 upgrade would help the 3g users is just blowing smoke. I did the update and still get memory errors, lockups, and application shutdowns. They need a real fix.
  • Ocean Digital Level 1 Level 1
    @totoleharicotvert, your english is ok.

    Yes, I can confirm that airplane mode makes the OS more responsive. Good observation.

    I noticed that earlier today also, something strange about the wifi.
  • kryptokal Level 1 Level 1
    iOS4 has made my iPhone 3G embarrassing to use. When I want to take a picture, I stare at the aperture screen for what seems like forever. I go to play a song from my iPod in the car, and it takes FOREVER to load, then actually PLAY the song...and God forbid you want to skip to the next song or use the Genius function. Crash. Contacts were reverted back to phone numbers randomly. Typing is choppy. Opening NOTES, of all things, becomes a harrowing experience.

    The bottom line is that Apple should NEVER have suggested 3G users upgrade. It's a joke. Sure people would have bitched about Apple "forcing" them to buy a new phone just to get the new operating system, but at least they would have done so in an up front, business like manner. This is just sloppy and wreaks of Windows Vista.
  • SteveLA Level 1 Level 1
    I am getting the same slow performance with 4.01.

    I find it impossible to believe that Apple did not know that 4.0 would totally slow down 3G phones. Hence the only thing I can conclude is that they are trying to get 3G customers to buy a 4G. But at least in my case, all they have succeeded in doing is convincing me to get an HTC or Motorola for my next phone.
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