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    When i installed the new OS, the first few days of using my 3G was fun. it worked smoothly, and it was fast. That did not last long. The phone kept getting slower and slower. At this point the phone is **** near just a pain in the *** to do anything. I have missed calls b/c the thing wont unlock!!! In the last week the phone is showing only one bar of signal, if its not searching at all. I dont understand it.

    Another that has me off is that my 3G headphones remote are not working. Ive tested two different types and tried them on 2 different phones verifying they work, but my phone no longer seems to register them. Along that,the phone's iPod feature has taken upon itself to play, seek, and stop songs whenever it desires. This is extreme annoying as I can barely make it though one song now.

    I only use my phone for text, calls and music, its sad that it can no longer handle that. Apple you need to fix this. If you plan on doing this to all your phones, you not gonna last much longer
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    my previous post on how to downgrade was removed by apple (someone there must read them then, even if they do ignore us) as apple considered downgrading was jailbreaking!.

    I downgraded to 3.1.3 its not too hard to do (cant give you links but do an internet search for "iphone 3g downgrade 3.1.3" or remove iphone OS4...

    basically all you need is the correct 3.1.3 firmware (might be in your recycle bin - iOS4 deletes your old one in the hope you dont find it - if not you can download it from a few places, make sure its the one for your model - iphone 3G)
    hold left shift when clicking restore & it'll ask you which one you want to use (otherwise itll be the same 4.0.1 or whatever you used last, point it at the 3.1.3 one)
    let it restore & you need recboot to finish it (& libUSB too especially if your using vista)

    when I did it I lost everything so make sure you back up everything 1st.

    but yeah, 3.1.3 works just like you remembered it & all the apps you updated to be 4.0 compatible still work with 3.1.3
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    The link for instructions to downgrade back to 3.1 is:
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    King_Tut wrote:
    Obviously no one from Apple is either reading these posts or reading but not responding. The frustration with the slow performance after downloading the IOS4.0 is massive (look at the number of posts), however still no action taken nor advice given by Apple.

    Steve Jobs believes in numbers and "hard data". This was made clear at last week's Antennagate press conference. Here are some constructive suggestions to ensure that accurate hard data is available for responsible decision making.

    Send feedback, and lots of it, direct to Apple:

    Call AppleCare and let them know your iPhone 3G is malfunctioning as a result of iOSlow.

    Write the press (MacWorld, TUAW, Mossberg, Gruber, Laporte, Breen, Ihnatko, Consumer Reports...)

    You can even write directly to Mr. Jobs if you feel his organization is overlooking this serious 3G issue and sullying Apple's brand reputation. Give him hard data (# of seconds to open an app, # of calls missed, # of hours spent troubleshooting, etc).

    +"We give our customers the best ownership experience in the world."+
    - Steve Jobs, 16 July 2010
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    Apple turns out to be exactly the same type of corporation that made it's customers choose it over it's rivals so long ago?

    Who would have thought it.

    3G owners should have been warned what the new OS would do to their phones and be given the choice after reading the warning whether to upgrade. If 3G phones cannot be used with the new OS then they should no longer be sold to the public.

    End of.
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    just adding to the thread. my 3G is doing better after doing a full restore and a hard reset, but I suppose it's only temporary.

    When it slows down again I'll try the downgrade instructions, although working in the terminal scares this decidedly non computer-savvy user.

    When oh when will I learn to check the forums before downloading new updates???
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    I just wanted to add my name to the list of frustrated people with IOS 4. I, like many others, have tried most of the suggested remedies without success. It would be nice for apple to at least acknowledge the issue exists.

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    Same here. Ever since 4.0 the 3G is terribly slow to use. I've tried many of the fixes and most of them only work temporarily.

    What appears to help for a few hours:
    -Hard reset the phone
    -make sure safari only has a blank window open (pretty annoying to do everytime you stop browsing

    I also did a lot of other stuff but it's hard to say if there is any impact or not. I stopped using the 4.0 folder option. I limited emails to max 25 for pop and a week for exchange.

    Calendar is worst. It just shows an empty screen for 5-10 seconds, every time I open it! I read somewhere that Calendar is now checking for birthdays in contacts, but if that is true does it really have to do that every time?
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    iOS 4.1 update had better fix the memory hog requirements of 4.0. The same apps require twice as much memory after the upgrade.
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    I reported it to as well. And I'm writing this post for only one reason: To raise the count. And actually I'm doing it with reluctance. Because it doesn't help any of you to know that one more guy has a sluggish iPhone 3G after updating to 4.0(.1).
    And actually I wouldn't have done it because this issue is well documented here and all over the internet.

    But what really made me mad last week is the number of 0,55% Steve Jobs used in his speach. It's the percentage of AppleCare contacts about iPhone 4 that are about the antenna problem. If I had an iPhone 4 (which is not yet available where I live) and I was affected by that problem, why would I bother Apple by once again reporting a problem about which they can read in very newspaper on this world and of which they'll find someone who can reproduce it on every discussion thread in the internet?
    Because I wouldn't have contacted Apple about it, I would have been abused by Steve in his statistics to "prove" there is no problem.

    So, if Apple is so keen on statistics, let's give them statistics! Everyone who notices that annoying sluggishness of the iPhone 3G with iOS 4, please tell them on that feedback form, call them, reply here, bother any Geniuses. Otherwise it doesn't seem to exist for them.
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    A little piece of 'fiction' to share with the forum:

    A bespectacled middle aged man in a black turtleneck sweater walks across to the centre of the auditorium stage to rapturous applause. The words 'iPhone 3G and iOS4' appears on a large silver blue screen behind him.

    *"I'm really excited by this new development, I think you will be too."*

    The crowd again cheers and whistles in appreciation of our speakers words.

    *"We listened to what you had to say. You love the iPhone 3G. You love the feel of it in your hand. You love using it - it's a great device and a pleasure, a joy, to use. If only you could spend +even more+ time using it…."*

    Our speaker pauses as the slide on the screen changes. As it does he proudly proclaims: *"……and now you can."*

    The statement on the screen reads: *"Takes up to 500% more time to perform basic tasks and functions than ever before"*

    The crowd go wild.
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    I updated to iOS 4 on my 3G right away and then to 4.0.1. I did notice a considerable slowdown almost right away, but after going through several threads here I ran across the mention of folders being the culprit. Of course, one of the first things I did when I upgraded was put most of my apps in folders to organize things. I've since un-done that (i.e. removed all of my apps from folders) and the speed is back up to what I had with iPhone OS 3.x if not slightly better. The biggest features I was looking forward to were multiple Exchange accounts and the unified inbox, so I'm pretty happy over all.

    Try taking your apps out of folders, then re-boot the phone (hold home button and power for 10+ seconds until you see the Apple logo) to delete and recreate the caches. It worked for me.
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    Yep count me in IOS4 ***** !!! I had issues with dropped calls, missed calls, suprise voice mails and having to reboot the phone etc etc same old rants with version 3.x.x but at least the phone worked most of the times.

    Now after the IOS4 upgrade my 3G is dead slow my wife's is even worst her phone losses all the contacts and various icons without her doing a thing. I feel like Apple should recall all the phones they have released to date and provide a fix or replace them with function units.

    add to the statistics!!!
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    I've had the same issue, i found that every now and then rebooting it works for a while, but its a matter of opening apps or opening one app many times, its my guess either a memory leak in iOS or really a matter of memory hog, now i know apple will crucify me for this but i did resort to a jailbreak after i searched and found that there is a way to get it to run vram, increasing the ram virtually is just enough to keep it to speed I've found, only down side is yes it does use up the cycles in the flash memory, but it would be about the same as a sync in cycle usage aside from how the os and device already constantly uses the flash memory, it just adds to the data bandwidth usage to and from the flash memory but by doing so allows for abit more operating memory
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