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    My 3G became very slow with IOS4. Typing was hardly possible, many apps took a long time to start. A complete factory reinstall, as some suggest, didn't help. Finally, I downgraded to IOS3, and everything was as it used to be. Downgrading is not very difficult, see e.g.

    I really advise to downgrade in case of a SLOOOOOOOOOOOW IPhone 3G. My colleague has a 3GS, and hardly noticed a difference.
    Apple should advise 3G owners NOT to upgrade to IOS4. As others say, they cannot take advantage of most of its features anyway!
  • Xlan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I started to post this message on my iphone 3g, but it was so slow & irritating I have up. Yes the problem may be resolved by downgrading to OS 3, but this is the solution for most. Most of the apps I have downloaded have been updated to the OS 4. They may or may not still work following a downgrade to OS3, but as apple continue to upgrade the OS, its unlikely that new downloads will be compatable with OS 3.

    Unless you are happy with your current apps & don't want any new ones the only solution is to upgrade your phone.

    I have been considering upgrading recently & was considering an iphone 4. The only thing that stoped me is that I can't get my hands on one. Now I'm thinking the problems currently with the iphone 3g & OS 4 will be the same in 2 years time with iphone 4 & OS of the day, be it OR 6 or 7. I have seen a great android phone. I don't want to advertise the make/model, but frankly i am tending towards this phone rather than the iphone 4. It's a shame, because up to OS4 I really liked the iphone, and was rather a fan of apple!
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    Making apps OS4-compatible doesn't necessarily mean they're OS4-only. Out of my 100+ apps only 2 of them refuse to install on OS3, one of which is iBooks that I have zero content for anyway. shrug I'd rather be able to USE my iPhone than say I have iOS4 installed.
  • Xlan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    yes they may be compatible now, but what about new apps 6 months & more down the line
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    Same problem. I've tried everything to fix--I mean 2 weeks of surfing the net. Bluetooth, dead. Wifi, dead. This i-phone was my first experience with Apple and it is not good. Can't believe those people will not address this problem. I'll give them another couple of weeks and see if they provide a solution, if not, it's back to Blackberry.
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    I doubt it'll take 6 months for Apple to fix this problem.
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    Apple has lost me as a customer. I will not buy a Apple product again. This is disgraceful. I can't even use my phone anymore after ios4 and Apple's silence is deafening. I will also discourage everyone I know NOT to buy an Apple product. Apple obviously does not listen to their customers.
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    'quite agree - their silence is deafening - completely non-understandable ! All the signs seems to show this is fixable, memory-mangement or whatever, and none of us expect miracles, or that it might not take some time, but the silence & the unnecessary-ness of it all - none of us would have been upset at having to forego iOS4 on a 3G ... !
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    Regarding the apps updating to iOS4 and becoming unusable on OS3 - I too have been concerned about this, to the point of looking into buying an iPad (and VERY begrudgingly paying more to Apple) to continue using the apps I've paid for over the last 18 months. BUT! I've got an iTunes backup on an external HD from March, and have been able to restore the few that were already incompatible with my reverted to 3.1.3 software back to earlier, compatible versions. It's a bit of a timewarp and doesn't solve the problems of future apps ONLY working on OS4 and forward, but it does mean that I can keep my 3G iPhone just as I like it as it is now, until such time as I choose to switch platforms.

    Make a separate copy of your iTunes library if you don't already have one, then if you find that app updates no longer work with OS3, you can revert to earlier versions.

    All is not lost, Apple would just have us think it us so we run out and give them some more money
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    Now I'm the first to admit, I'm not the biggest Apple fan in the world.

    The truth is, I rank the 46 slot, that's 3 places behind Jonny Ives and one place in font of the guy who named is firstborn son 'Apple Macintosh LC 475'. Love Apple. Love 'em. Love their products. Always have.

    This is why I am so hacked off with the way they are conducting themselves at the moment. I have said it before. Denial. Denial, denial, denial. Makes me ashamed. Makes me embarrassed. Embarrassed for a all those Windows drones that I have successfully converted as an unpaid salesman on Apple's behalf.

    Tensions are high. 3G owners are now turning amongst themselves. It's like the Lord of the Flies with cellphones. Baaaahh! Where is Stephen Fry when we need him?

    The problem lies with Apple, NOT THE CONSUMER. You lot out there - stop all your guesswork….

    (Quote) "Well if I did five hard resets in a row, reverted to 3.1, wore beige slacks for the day, spoke with a Hungarian accent and winked at anyone who was taller than 5' 10" then I saw a marginal improvement in performance on my 3G and got myself a date with a spot welder called Ken. And that's all through good honest stab-in-the-dark guesswork."

    Get the people who created situation to face the music. Apple, speak up. The stage is ready.
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    Apple really screwed the pooch on this one. I now officially HATE my iPhone. I have to reboot this worthless piece of crap everyday, just to make phone calls. At some point everyday I will make a call, and get "call failed" over and over until I reboot. I updated my software (HUGE MISTAKE), restored original settings (NOTHING WORKED). This is my last iPhone. I will not be purchasing the new 4G crap. Especially in the wake of the antenna mistake they created. Still like my iMac though.
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    Downgrading is a solution but not THE solution. Please try what's listed below and let the group know if this resolves your performance issues. I've applied this fix to several phones and it has worked.

    After the iOS4 update all of your Spotlight search options may have been selected. There are many more search options in iOS4 than 3.0 -



    De-select the search options you don't want (I just use messages notes). The more options selected the more processing / memory is used by your phone.

    Reset Phone -

    It works..

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  • _Shorty-CM Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'll upgrade again and try your searchlight workaround. If it doesn't work you owe me $5.
  • Kasaar Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    That is a deal!
  • TomNYC Level 2 Level 2 (340 points)
    It's too bad Apple has still not responded. Instead all we're left with is trying all these suggestions that really don't work. While your phone may seem fast at first, performance will degrade with use again unless you reboot your phone every day.

    The real problem is that the 3G iPhones have too little RAM. The new OS needs more memory which is a struggle for the 3G phones, so, it doesn't matter how many apps you delete or how many re-installs or restores you try, it's not really going to make a significant difference, despite some people telling you otherwise.

    It's time for Apple to fix this for 3G owners and stop ignoring the many problems reported. It's been over a month since this OS was released, surely a fix could have been devised by now. I'm getting the sinking feeling that Apple has no plans to fix this and will instead choose to simply ignore it.
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