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  • AndrewsTech Level 1 (0 points)
    I've had my iPhone 3G for 18 months, and have been having these issues for the last few firmware updates. Here's what finally fixed it for me.

    Basically, when you close Safari it doesn't get unloaded from memory - it just hides itself. This leaves my phone with only 12Mb of free memory.

    To make Safari actually unload itself, you have to leave it with no open web page.

    I have put instructions here for people who aren't sure what I mean!

    This lets my phone run normally, although the keyboard still lags for a short while the first time I re-open Safari.

    Hope that helps!
  • TKSinthecity Level 1 (0 points)
    if i knew then what i know now...i never would have installed this upgrade!

    in fact, how can i go back to iOS3? i see 'Backing Up iPhone' when i plug my phone in, but where is that back up? how can i revert to it?!?
  • RT11 guru Level 2 (175 points)
    You are correct, Thomas. There were always some (Apple apps) that could continue in the background, like the iPod app and Mail fetch/push.
    But you know what I mean about multitasking iOS4.
  • alyasbaboy Level 1 (0 points)
    i also have a problem with my iphone 3g after i upgraded it to iSO 4...i feel so bad when after this, my phone crushed...before, i am not experiencing a lag when my operation system was 3.1.5...but everything just caused me so much stress...i was expecting there could be a way apple company could help their customers who at first very impressed on how apple's iphones change the trend in cellphones...they cannot just say that because it's us who chose to upgrade our iphone 3gs to a better operation we are the ones who are to be held liable in what they have offered to be a better operations for our iphone 3gs....i think apple should be aware that customer's feedback is the thing that they based if the products they offer is at its quality...its a very bad reason that upgrading is customer's sole decision and held liable if something happened wrong...come on!!!! THE REASON WHY WE UPGRADED OUR IPHONE 3GS IS BECAUSE WE ARE RELYING WITH YOUR EXPERTISE ESPECIALLY IT IS YOU WHO KNOWS WELL ABOUT APPLE'S PRODUCTS....SO NEVER EXPECT US TO DECIDE ON THINGS THAT WE BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE EXPERT WITH....UPGRADING MEANS OFFERING A BETTER USAGE NOT A DOWNGRADED OPERATION!!!!DON'T EXPECT US TO MAKE A WAY OF BRINGING IT BACK TO HOW IT WAS YOU SHOULD TAKE THE WAY OF HELPING US MAKING IT OK AGAIN.....
  • jabon13 Level 1 (0 points)
    My issue seems to be resolved when I turned off all spotlight searches under settings > general > home button > spotlight then did a double reset.
  • John Fieber Level 1 (0 points)
    Closing Safari tabs does seem to make a big difference for me.

    If Safari running in the background is actually the root of the problem, in a twisted way, this is an excellent example supporting Apple's position of very tight restrictions on "multitasking": It only takes one bad citizen in a generic multitasking pool to totally demolish the performance of the whole system. Now they just need to make the built in apps follow the same rules and restrictions as third party apps.

    Thanks, AndrewsTech.
  • n_maher Level 1 (0 points)
    Add me to the seemingly ever growing list of customers absolutely furious with Apple for having ruined a perfectly good phone (8GB 3G) by an update that has no official of being removed. My previously fine functioning iPhone is now almost useless. The screen is unresponsive (swipes to unlock don't even register for example), apps are prohibitively slow to load (messages often takes a full 10 seconds to load), the iTunes store itself has been all but inaccessible for the last week (perhaps 1 in 3 tries loads the store) and on and on.

    Honestly this will keep me from ever buying an iPhone again. The fact that they (apple) would obsolete a phone that they were selling as recently as 4 weeks ago via a semi-enforced software update is simply unacceptable.
  • Jean-Guille Level 1 (0 points)
    As suggested by Andrews Tech, I did the Safari close-out thing and disabled the Spotlight Search (which I never used anyway), and my 3G seems much faster...

    And then in an effort to extend battery life, I turned off Push by navigating to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tapping Fetch New Data and turned off Push. I then set my fetch to "every 30 minutes".

    The phone seems much better now, but I know I'm just trying these measures out to see if they help as a temporary fix, to make my 3G tolerable, as clearly my 3G is now an obsolete OS. It's a bitter pill to swallow, but such is technology.

    I guess I am now just waiting for the iPhone 4 rush to die down...$199 seems like a reasonable expense to get the latest technology and OS...

    Thanks to all for posting their experiences here...

  • Fredc97 Level 1 (0 points)
    Forced obsolescence over 4 weeks, so true yet so sad.
  • D.R.C. Level 1 (145 points)
    Jean-Guille wrote:
    I guess I am now just waiting for the iPhone 4 rush to die down...$199 seems like a reasonable expense to get the latest technology and OS...

    Reasonable for some. If it makes you feel better, I still have 15 months to go on my THREE year 3G contract. In Canada, Apple's carrier partner only sells iPhones with a 3-year lockin. So the cost to me to upgrade to an iPhone 4 will be significantly more than $199. I have to put up with my sluggish buggy 3G for more than a year. By the time my contract is up, the iPhone 5 will probably be out.
  • rodney993 Level 1 (25 points)
    My 3G phone was slow after i upgraded to ios4 and even did a factory restore. Then I read a posting on here about doing a hard reset and that made a huge difference for me and a friend of mine who was experiencing the same problem. How to do it - hold down the home key (round key on front) and the top button until the red slider comes up, but keep holding (ignoring the slider) until the phone shuts down on its own and restarts. hope that helps.
  • tiffanywtam Level 1 (0 points)
    I am also having the same problem. Has anyone gotten a solution to fix this issue?
  • robertmccoy Level 1 (0 points)
    Same issue - has anyone received a valid answer from Apple? I spoke to them today and they seem clueless on the cause of the slowdown and even suggested upgrading the phone as a solutions. If Apple continues to rip off their customers, maybe it would be the time to migrate to an alternate phone and drop Apple?
  • TomNYC Level 2 (340 points)
    iPhone 3G Owners, you are *WASTING YOUR TIME doing all these restores and resets and reboots*. That will only TEMPORARILY fix your problem, but, after a little bit of use your iPhone 3G will go right back to being slow and problematic. I've tried all of these various remedies on two different 3G iPhones. While at first the problem seemed much better, after using both phones for a little while everything slowed down to a crawl once again and apps started crashing again.

    The problem is that the hardware on the 3G is not powerful enough to run iOS 4. So, just like rebooting a computer, initially the computer will be fast, but, after running some applications, the system will eventually become bogged down. No amount of reboots, resets and restores is going to make this problem go away.

    The only thing that will fix this is another update from Apple that addresses this problem with 3G iPhones.
  • thecasparnova Level 1 (0 points)
    thanks, thats the most usefull reply i've seen in this topic, i hope Apple will come up with a update soon to tackle this issue,...

    i'm not used to have problems with new updates for my iPhone, so i was very surpriced,...

    eventually it's not a big problem for me because i've pre-ordered a iphone 4 , but my wife gets my old 3G,...

    i've always told her that it's the best phone money can buy, compared with her Nokia,... but now her phone is faster than mine,...

    Please, Apple , help me soon before she want's to deforce me,..
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