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Hello iPhone 3G users. Just want to share how I made my phone fast even after iOS 4.

I was one of the excited ppl who waited for the upgrade. I did the usual Update procedure but the backup process took forever (5 hours and still in 15% or less) so I have to cancel because I have to go to work. What I did instead is to do a Restore (Shift+Restore button). The process took less than 30mins including restoring/syncing my apps and photos and music and everything. But then I noticed that the phone is sluggish. Settings is really jumpy and SMS app as well. Some apps are slow too. The scrolling animation of swiping is not that fluid anymore.
Frustrated, I told myself I need to find a way.

Im not a hardcore Apple user, as you would know, iPhone is the only Apple product I have and I love it and planning to switch to Mac too. So here's the simple thing that I did with my iPhone 3G, some of you probably know this already.

I backed up my phone first (I don't plan to restore this backup, but I did this just in case something goes wrong. At least I still have everything intact).
Then I click Restore (this time, NOT the Shift+Restore). Then I let it restore my phone and delete all media and content. After the restore process, iTunes asked me if I want to setup a new iPhone or restore from my previous backup. I selected setup a new iPhone (I dont want to use my backup as I was thinking it's making my phone slow). After the process of setting up the new iPhone, I played with my empty iPhone 3G with iOS 4 and its running smooth. No contacts, no pictures, no music, no apps (except for preinstalled apps), no nothing. Then told my self to just put the items manually (not through backup). SO I restarted my iPhone first even if it already did. My apps are still in iTunes so I synced that first (only the apps I need). Then after that, I restarted the phone. My iPhone 3G is still running smooth. Then I started to sync my contacts from MobileMe (you may have another way of syncing so do which you prefer). Restarted my phone and it's still smooth. Then I synced all my emails. restarted my phone. Still Smooth. I did not sync any calendars since I'm ok without them, but you may do it at this stage, just restart phone after.

Then I synced my songs (restart iPhone), then photos (restart iPhone). Everything is still smooth.

Of course I lost my SMS messages because its in my backup. but I dont mind since I dont have impt SMS to keep. So take note of SMS, if you have impt SMS, Im not sure if you can do this process.

So there. I did this because I looked at it as a normal computer. I've had this phone for more than a year and a half and I didnt erase nor restore or did any cleanup during all those years. So I thought it's time to do a cleanup and put the data back manually and not the easy way of pulling the entire bulk back-up of junk in my phone.

Just a reminder, if you have any important data you dont want to lose, please backup everything. This step may or may not work for you so if you're not sure, do NOT do what I did. I can live even if all my data are gone and even if this all failed so I went ahead.

The Apple lab probably tested iOS4 in blank iPhone 3G's and 3GS's that's why they didn't experience sluggishness. Each iPhones in the world have different configuration and contents so results may vary, thats why having an empty iPhone with fresh install will make all iPhones the same as tested in the lab (just a theory). Then that's the time you just add back all data manually.

I hope this works for you too. Again, Im not APple expert, Im just sharing the step the worked for me. Thanks for reading guys!

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