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I get this error when I try to open the App Store over 3g.(full bars)
This is after updating to ios 4.

iOS 4
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    i am having the same problem...... i need help
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    On my ipod I had a similar problem that was fixed by agreeing to the new EULA on iOS 4.

    Tried an apple expert - and no solution found (even wiping out the ipod with 'factory settings' did not do the trick.

    1. Go into your settings on your Ipod/Iphone. Settings -> Store.
    2. Create a new account, but put in all of your existing account settings.
    3. Agree to the EULA.
    4. You will receive a pop up telling you that an account exists, select log in with the existing account.
    5. Put in your correct iTunes account information.
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    I'm having the same problems
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    I tried this. Didn't work.
    This is the only problem I've experienced post-install/restore on my iPhone 3G.