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  • Nebbs Level 1 Level 1
    Made an appointment with the genius bar and Took mine back to the local Apple store today. The guy tried voice memo then tried to make a call, agreed it was faulty and did a straight swap! Again faultless service by Apple!
  • JRAM13 Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same issue. Someone called me right after I bought mine and they could not hear me, I hung up and blamed it on a bad call/reception etc. Later on I tried to call the same person back and they still couldn't hear me unless i put them on speakerphone. I called Apple Support and they told me to restore it and then set it up as a new device since the phone supposedly uses the same microphone for the speakerphone but no luck. I am taking the phone back tomorrow to the Genius Bar. This clearly is not an one off issue as I also saw a guy on CNN this morning that had the same problem and to compensate him he got a 50% off card on any other product!
  • Sigill1975 Level 1 Level 1
    Having the same problem here. Mic works fine for normal calls but as soon as i turn on speaker or use face time i can not be heard by the other user.

    i Went back to the O2 store in weymouth and they were very unhelpful. They wanted me to call in each day to see if there was any stock and would not hold me one back....rubbish.

    I phoned apple and the lovley people there have sorted it all out. My nearest apple store is 2 hours away so taking it back there was not an option. The other option was for me to send them my phone and then they examine it and send me a new one....this would have left me without a phone so wasnt to happy about that one either. Finaly option was for me to pay for the courier (£29 pounds i think) to bring me a new one and swap it out. I reminded the guy on the other end (Peter...who was extremely helpful) that i had already been through 3....yes 3...3gs inside of 18 months through no fault of my own and he waved the charge. I now have a new phone on its way out to me for no fee. Thank you Apple top service.......Although cant help thinking it would be easier if they just worked in the fist place.
  • Bearidr Level 1 Level 1
    Took mine back to the apple store in Temecula where I bought it. Had an appointment with the Genius bar for the afternoon. They took me first thing in the morning when I got there at 9:00. 15 minutes later I walked out with a new phone. They made sure everything worked before I left. Was a frustrating thing to happen, but apple handled it great. Special thanks to the Genius bar at Temecula in CA. Hope the new one does not have problems.
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    I have somewhat of a similar problem.. when i make a call people can hear me fine, but at some point in the call my friend complained of not being able to hear me for about 10 seconds and then it comes back. I checked to see if the mute was toggled but it wasn't. This happened twice today while on different calls. Should i bring it to apple or is it just me?
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    There is a problem with the censor yall may be placing the phone on mute with your face or ear. I kept putting people on mute about 5 times a call. Try going and reset all settings it fixed my problem.
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    Ya see i looked at my phone and the screen and the mute wasn't toggled, and he still couldn't hear me, and then it came back.
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    iPhone 4 microphone not working

    I received my iPhone 4 on 6/24.

    Microphone worked in handset mode, speaker-mode, and via bluetooth first day and half of day 2.

    Day 2 end: Microphone will not work in handset only mode, BUT does work when headphones plugged in. Blowing into microphone yields very, very faint whoosh on receiving end (testing with wife's phone), but no sound, even when yelling.

    Microphone works in:

    Handset only: NO
    Speaker mode: YES
    Video mode: YES
    Audio notes: YES
    Face-time mode: YES
    Audio / microphone via bluetooth: YES
    Handset mode w. headphones plugged in: YES

    Attempted iPhone restore: YES
    Result: FAILURE.

    I suspect a software glitch between the noise canceling mic (I've read rumors about it being at the headset jack) conflicting / completely canceling mic in handset mode. This makes further sense when you consider noise canceling is likely turned off in speaker mode and possibly in headset mode as well. This is further proven during my testing series as I used one finger to cover the headphone jack and little tiny hole that I presume to be the noise canceling mic. Doing so yields that I can actually be BARELY heard on the other end, versus not being heard at all.

    Please update this thread further with:
    Any Apple correspondence regarding the noise cancelling mic, and any recommendations for fixing (outside of restoring).

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    Same problem here, have been promised a replacement by the o2 store as soon as they have stock ....

    Seems to be quite a comon problem

    Same problem, different thread:
  • granth Level 1 Level 1
    Took mine back to the local Apple store in Kahala today. The representative tested the mic by making a call to the store, agreed it was faulty since it worked in speakerphone mode but not handset mode and did a direct exchange. 5 star service to Apple all around!
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    Made an appointment at the Apple store and took mine in on Friday. They tested it and gave me a new one. Works great.
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    I was able to exchange the defective iPhone with no problem. I made an appointment at the Genius Bar the day after I bought it. There were still lines out front for new iPhone purchases, but I was able to walk right in and talk with someone immediately. I described the problem. I said that I had already tried a full restore. Then I used Voice Memo to demonstrate that the mic wasn't working at all. He said this was the first he had heard of this problem. Of course, that's what they always seem to say. In any case, he was able to give me a replacement phone with no hassle whatsoever. New phone works great.
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    This has happened to me TWICE now!!! I had my iPhone 3GS since January, randomly stopped working as a phone 3 weeks ago, nobody could hear me, but I could hear them. Voice memo showed the mic was not working, but worked OK with the auxialiary mic plugged in. Took it to the Apple store, they replaced it, albeit with quite bad grace.

    Now, just 1 week later, after the new one being fine for a few days, it's happened AGAIN. What a load of rubbish. Back to the Apple store next week

    HTC for me next time, this is pathetic.
  • Lawrence Brotherton Level 1 Level 1
    I was one of the folks who got my 4 in the day before release because I pre-ordered from AT&T on the 15th. Worked flawlessly until 2 days ago when I could no longer hear anything from the ear speaker - it was out. Foolishly took it to the AT&T store where I ordered it, they sent me to the Apple store in Tulsa, OK. No appointment at the Genius Bar but they worked me in after about 20-30 minutes, then replaced it, no problem. Only had to replace my ZAAG clear screen protector - $5. No big deal.

    The next day, about 6:30 pm, my wife calls me and after a moment, says she cannot hear me, I switch to speaker and she can. Off speaker, she says she sometimes hears a muted voice like in a tunnel with a lot of static or nothing at all. So I call a couple of other numbers to make sure it's not her phone, and all of them report the same thing.

    Back to the Apple store again (a 45 minute drive each way for me) and I get there about 8 pm. First thing the guy at the Genius Bar tells me is that I should have made an appointment. Hello McFly! I just found out about my little problem a little over an hour ago, sorry I wasn't considerate enough to schedule in a second equipment failure on your schedule! Ultimately, they work me in. The employee calls my phone on their landline, and it sounds just fine! What the frak?! He tells me that it must be some kind of network issue - which didn't make sense because it works fine on speaker but not off speaker, but it seems to be working now so I say thanks and leave.

    However, being paranoid, I call my wife once I am outside the mall but before driving home, and she says she still cannot hear me unless I'm on speaker, so I call a couple of other different people and they report the exact same thing. So I call my wife back and speak with her on the speaker and walk back into the Apple store and literally once I cross the threshold of the store, she can hear me off speaker again. I walk out, and she cannot hear me.

    So, I go back to the Genius Bar... and tell the guy there what's happening and they bring out another guy who tells me that he's heard NOTHING about any network problems and that he would replace the replacement phone.

    But -

    They don't have any replacement phones! The other guy says, well, not exactly, what about the retail phones? The first guy shoots him a look like "you weren't supposed to say that" so I ask about it. Apparently, according to them, they have 2 categories of inventory, retail and replacement. The retail phones are for folks who come in and buy one, the replacements are for folks who have had trouble, but so sorry, "the system" doesn't allow for a retail phone to be used as a replacement, and since you ordered your initial phone through AT&T we cannot help you today, but the day after tomorrow we'll have more replacement phones available.

    At this point, I let them know how unacceptable the entire situation has become, and they let me speak to a manager who was as surly as I was becoming (GREAT customer service skills there Apple Store in Tulsa!) who was so helpful as to suggest I could drive another 1.5 hours to go to the Apple Store in Oklahoma City to see if they had any inventory!

    So basically, nothing could be done at this point, though they offered me a !!! Free case !!! for my trouble (2 failed phones in 48 hours with two 1.5 hour trips plus another hour or so in the store with another trip coming up tomorrow to pick up another phone). I told them I'd just like a phone that works and would last more than a day.

    So, in short, tomorrow I'll likely have an operational phone and that will be about the end of it (other than having to replace the ZAAG screen yet again for another 5 bucks), but I come away from the experience with several take home messages...

    1) 2 phone failures? Quality control issue? Especially since they were out of the "replacement" phones but had "retail" phones available. I must not be the only one with issues.

    2) If Apple can make iPads, iPhones, Macs, and a plethora of software, how is it that Apple cannot make an inventory control system that would allow a phone to be taken from the retail to the replacement category? I think the issue was one of two things, neither of which puts Apple in the best light.

    a) The folks at the store were choosing to further inconvenience me

    or (and more likely)

    b) It's a lot more important for Apple to be able to sell a new phone in the store for $600 than it is for them to take care of a customer who has already paid the $300 upgrade for a subsidized phone through AT&T.

    I come away from the whole experience disappointed with Apple and I hate to say that because my iPods and my 3G phone have been wonderful devices and I really like the 4 and don't really want to go to another phone. In fact, I have a couple of colleagues (I'm a doctor) who have ordered 4s based on what I have shown them and told them about the iPhones in general and the 4 in particular. I can accept that when you make millions of phones a few bad ones will get though the QA process, but I do feel like I should not have been sent from the store yesterday without a replacement when there were phones in the storeroom mere feet away from where I was standing. Very poor form, and something I'll remember when looking to buy new products in the future.

    Apple tries to cultivate this image of being different from the PC guys who treat you with measured indifference (though I have been treated very well by the folks at Sager), but this experience has been discordant with that image they portray and it could have been avoided.

    If I felt that there was anyone at Apple who would genuinely care, I'd bother to send an e-mail, but right now, I really don't think that there would be a point.
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    I have same problem! Sounds like lots of people are having the same problem! Booked into the genius bar Sunday hope they can give me a replacement phone!