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Recently I got a new laptop which has windows 7 on it. When I installed iTunes on it, it worked fine but then when I installed the software to connect my first generation iPod nano to my computer I started having problems.

After installation when I open iTunes a message comes up saying "Software required for communicating with iPods not installed correctly. Do you want to repair iTunes?"

After it does the repair iTunes will open but when I connect my iPod another message saying "Software required for communicating with iPod not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes to install the iPods software."

I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes and the software countless times and it still doesn't work. I have also gone back and made sure all parts of iTunes such as Bonjour were uninstalled as well. Nothing seems to work. Recently I also reinstalled iTunes and my iPod software on another computer and it worked fine. The only difference was my other computer was windows xp.


Dell, Windows 7, 64 bit