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Okay, I've had this White Macbook for over 2 years now. I bought it on Feb. 2008 and it's been the best PC I ever bought. But as always, it's starting to show its age and wear down in a few places. One of them is the mouse pad.

For some reason my mouse pad decides to glitch on my whenever i have my palms on the palm rest of the macbook. For example, if I press down on the right palm rest, the mouse will click, causing my to mess up while typing or other various task. I also notice if I press under the macbook, the mouse clicks automatically.

This forces me to use a external mouse which is the first time since I bought this macbook that I had to do so. I don't have apple care so I doubt taking it to a Apple store will help, however I'm thinking that it's something I can fix on my own.

If so, can you point out to me the main problem so I can verify that this issue can be fixed on my own?

Late 2007 White Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I'm sorry that my response isn't one to help you, but I am currently facing this same issue. My macbook is 3 years old now, has been a great computer, but is starting to fall apart on me particularly with the touchpad.

    There are times when I'm not touching the laptop at all and there will be things highlighted on my screen, things popping up that I didn't click on. It's completely out of control. I've found that if I lift the computer up sometimes, that helps, but resting as it should? I barely have any say in what my cursor does. It's particularly frustrating when I'm attempting to type and the computer deletes things as I go.

    I'm wondering if part of it has to do with the fact that the battery is starting to warp, curve, and fall out without my being able to fix it. Honestly I have no clue, I've tried everything.

    I hope this gets answered. I'd really like to know my options as well!
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    Hey JD,

    save your work, then remove the battery from the computer and run only on AC power. Does the computer behave any better?

  • Lyssa Level 6 Level 6 (17,555 points)

    Your battery should not have warped--that's not a normal behavior. Your battery is defective and should not be in your MacBook.

    Does the trackpad work normally with no battery installed?

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    When I removed the battery, not only did the button on the trackpad start to click better (and not seem stuck as it had before), but the highlighting and cursor control issue went away as well!

    Thanks for that suggestion. I might need a new battery.
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    You definitely need a new battery.

    It won't hurt to bring the battery (and probably computer) to an Apple store and see what the folks there have to say. Depending on the age of the battery, you may get a free replacement.

    In any case, you need to keep the battery out of the computer as it may cause damage to the machine.

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    Thanks for the answers! It was in fact the battery which was bulging from being used for over 2 years. I took the battery to the apple store and they gave me a complete replacement battery free of charge. Now my trackpad is working perfectly with no glitches.
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    Thanks...Taking out the battery definitely solved the problem of the mouse clicking when applying pressure to the right side of my macbook.