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  • NextelMichaelG Level 1 (15 points)
    Wingsy wrote:
    I'm just me. I see you've got an iPhone 4. What's yours like?

    oh boy~..... since u asked...
    i bought one for my brother last week.. i've had mine for 2-3 days now.. i haven't had any real issues (causing calls to drop) with the antenna, i noticed, while playing w/the display models in the apple store, that holding the phone (naturally) not only caused the bars to drop, but also effected data transfer speeds (simple google search pages wouldn't load).. so i've tested mine w/ & w/o the bumper and again, haven't had any real (antenna-related) issues.. can't report any proximity sensor issues-i'm just not having them!

    issues i have:
    1)incoming texts & calls are killing FaceTime; and not only that, yesterday after getting disconnected 2-3 times, FaceTime wouldn't work.. both of us were on (working/connected) wi-fi's, and it just wasn't working. i did a brief search and was surprised to find not-one result of someone having a similar malfunction w/ it!!
    2)utilizing a bluetooth is simply not working all that great! it started w/my brother &his iphone 4, before i had bought mine.. talking to him was just impossible.. couldn't make out his words, just all muffled!.. had him "reset network settings"-which worked for the rest of that day.. but it's a real serious (variable) issue.. and now i have my phone, and have been getting similar complaints (unclear, muffled voice quality)

    like i said, i've only had the phone for 2-3 days.. i'll be back to report on any other issues i have (please believe it!)~let's see what else is wRONG! boy, oh'bOY!!!!
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    I have one phone as well - dropping calls at the rate of 1/3. proximity sensor is putting people on hold, and dialing numbers while on a call. Never had this problem with any of my previous models.
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    i want to include this, which i found on another thread.. i won't be able to test it out until someone wakes up who i can call and subject to my anal iPhone 4 troubleshooting tests.. maybe one of you can give input on if turning off Wi-Fi helps (although, like i stated above, no one in this* thread has mentioned the voice clarity (lack of) issue w/ bluetooth!) but ANYWHOOO~..

    Irving Gonzales wrote:
    I am having bluetooth reception issues whereby those who speak with hear a muffled voice, although I hear them well. I also get the seemingly random Bluetooth drops, and get reconnected within 30 seconds, exactly. I believe I may have isolated a probable effect. First, the constants:

    iPhone 4: 32GB, black with Bluetooth and WiFi on; using Plantronics Voyager PRO with BT version 2.1 (this headset is the same in use with my iPhone 3G [S] prior to and after updating to iOS4; no problems noticed with OS3 or 4; latter OS used during 1 week prior to upgrading to iPhone 4, can't recall any complaints from callers)

    Home (Alameda, CA): 2.4GHz TimeCapsule for WiFi supplemented by AirPort Express, both with (802.11n)

    Office (San Francisco, CA): Dual Band TimeCapsule for WiFi supplemented by AirPort Express with (802.11n)

    Car: No added features

    Symptoms: When at home or at the office, calls coming in or out generally reported to me as being muffled. When outside walking or driving in the car, with or without windows and/or sunroof open, no reported voice clarity issues by those with whom I am speaking using my Voyager PRO. No voice clarity issues without the Bluetooth, everything is fine in terms of call clarity, no call drops, no problems with proximity sensor. It does not matter whether WiFi is on or not. No problems or differences in clarity either way. Good to go outside and away from WiFi hotspot.

    Discovery: When I turn off WiFi on the iPhone 4 at home or in the office, muffled voice issue goes away within 30 seconds (typical polling period). When I turn on the iPhone 4's WiFi, the muffled voice issue returns within 30 seconds. I even receive an audible signal on my headset! Leaving it on, I will walk out of the house (or the office) and within 30-60 seconds, the reported muffled voice issue goes away.

    Conclusion: there appears to be some conflict between the Bluetooth and WiFi when in the range of a WiFi device serving up an Internet connection. Not sure if it is due to the antennas in the iPhone, or if it software related, or both.

    I sincerely hope that this repeatable troubleshooting report helps in some way to resolve the issue that many of us are reporting.
  • NextelMichaelG Level 1 (15 points)
    turn the wi-fi off everytime i want to use the bluetooth?!?!.. if this is what it comes down to (which i'm afraid it might, considering they're both on the same antenna), and the 'software update' doesn't fix it, this phone (and every 1.7 million units) must go back/recalled/etc.! sigh!!!... good thing u've aLREADY returned youRS, Wingsy!!
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