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  • Faethor Level 1 (100 points)
    I think for their computers it may be a good idea. We bought a few of those 27" iMacs and those things get really, really hot at the back. There doesn't seem to be a fan of any kind to exhaust the hot air that I could discern. I see those breaking very shortly due to excessive heat. In that case another years warranty would be useful.

    But on a phone?
  • popeyelvc Level 1 (0 points)
    Accidental drops will happen no matter what. My question is why didn't apple warn people that the phone was more likely to break when dropped? They claimed the glass was stronger and more durable than previous phones. I dropped mine from 2-3 feet while sitting on a chair at a pool. It was the first time it was dropped and now the glass is shattered. I dropped my old ones multiple times but they only ever had tiny scratches from the drops.

    Either way, I think this was the last apple product that my family will buy. I know the android folks must be loving all of the design problems from this phone.
  • Apple_Inc_Steve Level 1 (0 points)
    First off apple said the FRONT screen is made of durable strength against scratches,scuffs and tough. The back however is just a denser glass. Its not the same toughness as the glass on the front.
    Just like any "Accident" some one was at fault. When you hit some one with your car does the dealership give you a new car cause you cant drive?".. no way.
  • gofallg Level 1 (5 points)
    go to Square Trade right now and get insurance ..$124..down to $99..and put in the words slick iphone 4 and you can get it for $80...2 year coverage including AHD...drops, water, etc..$49 deductible and they replace your phone up to $599.....
  • cgarre Level 1 (10 points)
    i agree, looks like iphone is good only on the desk, it doesnt make sense to carry it along. Given it is a phone, it ought to fall down and if that causes cracks i am totally scared this is crazy. Accidents do happen - apple is making a non durable phone, which looks beautiful ? I would prefer a durable phone that looks ok. Who is the brain behind this "great" idea - glass and antenna
  • 850T5 Level 1 (0 points)
    Never dropped my iPhone in two years so the iPhone4 will not be at more risk as the one before. But if one is concerned I'm sure there are plenty of covers available that will offer protection from drops.
  • Johnathan Burger Level 6 (15,882 points)
    Yeah, why isn't my car made out of 3" steel plate instead of wimpy plastic, glass and a steel frame with crumple zones.
    Accidents happen, given its a car I am bound to hit stuff in it and if it causes shattered glass and stuff I am totally scared this is crazy.
    Toyota/Ford/Honda/Chevy are making a non durable car. I would prefer a durable car to one that looks ok.
    Who is the brains behind this "great" idea-plastic and glass.

    Drop any nexus 1, droid, or Galaxy and you will get the same results-a broken phone.
  • Yanki01 Level 2 (170 points)
    is this a serious topic? why on earth would apple give a replacement for anyone dropping their phone and breaking it. its is apples fault you didnt grip it well enough? this has to be a joke.
  • tommyjness Level 1 (0 points)
    Your iPhone 4 can be placed on your homeowners insurance plan. Look into it. Apple is not responsible for your iPhone being dropped. Would you ask General Motors to replace your car if you crashed it into a telephone pole?
  • EBSkater Level 2 (490 points)
    tommyjness wrote:
    Your iPhone 4 can be placed on your homeowners insurance plan. Look into it. Apple is not responsible for your iPhone being dropped. Would you ask General Motors to replace your car if you crashed it into a telephone pole?

    Wow...worst suggestion EVER. Do you want your homeowner's insurance premiums to go up for a $600 phone when you have to file a claim??? Good grief...

    I've heard good things about SquareTrade, try that.
  • drknssdrgn Level 1 (55 points)
    Another point.. it's glass, glass shatters when it hits a weak point. All glass is this way.

    They they say its tough they mean scratch resistant not shatter proof.

    I've had an iphone for about 2 years now, from 3G to iP4. I have never dropped my phone and not had any form of scratch or crack ever. If you want it fixed, pay the fee that is spelled out in the contract that you signed and then be more careful with your belongings.
  • xclusiveplayer Level 1 (45 points)
    Perfect example of false advertisement and Apple is the king at it. I hate people who bring up the warranty fine print as if the user doesn't know squat. He's making a good point that the screen is more fragile than apple made it out to be, also $199 is a bit obsurd price to pay for such as easily replace/cheap unit. If I were you I'd wait until other repair site get there hands on this glass and pay less to do it yourself. Asking for a free warranty replacement under this condition is outrageous, but they should replace it at a more reasonable price.
  • milesmutt Level 1 (25 points)
    "reasonable cost" is the key here.

    if they charged $99 instead of $199 (they're still making a little profit!), folks wouldn't complain as much.

    I had a local guy do a glass replace on my old 3G for $74 when I broke it.
  • Mpower1001 Level 1 (0 points)
    Isn't there a video on youtube that shows someone dropping a iphone 4 several times from chest down to concrete, after the 3rd drop it cracked. Not bad
  • EBSkater Level 2 (490 points)
    So if you go purchase a bullet proof vest, are you going to go test it out immediately?