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    So Kevin, your iPhone probably cracked because of the way it hit the ground and not necessarily because the glass is cheaper. I owned the original iPhone and dropped it 3 feet on to asphalt and nothing happened other than a slight scratch on the metal. A friend of mine dropped his original iPhone less than two feet on wood and it cracked. These things happen and all mobile phone companies do not cover their products due to accidents. Any insurance or coverage on accidents is handled by the cellular companies that sell the phones with their service. As far as I know, AT&T won't cover the iPhones with their normal insurance. I may be wrong on AT&T, but that is the info I have. Since you just bought your phone, go into the Apple Store and ask to see the manager. The policy on cracked screens is not set in stone and depending on how you can make your case, you may get the screen replaced. Good luck.
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    I think I understand what the original poster is getting at. I've dropped my 3G numerous times and no problems, but almost always had a case on it. I am very careful with my belongings, but sometimes I drop my phone despite my best efforts, so if that makes me careless then so be it. When I heard that this one was basically made of GLASS, I freaked a little until I heard that the glass was super tough, or whatever the boast was at the time. I figured that if Apple was thinking of making a phone out of glass, then they must know something I don't about the glass they are using. I mean, who makes a phone out of glass? They get dropped. So...I too believed that I wouldn't necessarily need a case right away with the 4, which by the way, I couldn't have gotten if I wanted to at the time of purchase. In my opinion, this phone was promoted as having a super tough glass, meaning to me and obviously some others that despite our reservations about buying a freakin' glass phone, things wouldn't be as fragile as we initially suspected. I would be upset too if I dropped my new phone and the darn thing shattered, as I had hoped it wouldn't. Consider giving the original poster the benefit of the doubt of not being an idiot and knowing that glass breaks. Best of luck to you in finding a cheap repair. As for me, it's time for multiple phone calls to try and find a stupid bumper case. Maybe they will make a clear one.
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    Just to clarify, when I mentioned who makes a phone out of glass, I meant the back, not the front. I too saw that little video with the glass bending to the point of breaking...I hear you, original poster. I hope that Apple will come up with an affordable repair option for you.
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    This is not a black and white issue, i.e. I don't feel this is 100% the op's fault or 100% Apple's fault. Yes, it's the op's issue that the phone was dropped. Apple's warranty rightly doesn't cover that. But let's be fair here - Apple made a design decision to put glass on the back of the phone for aesthetic purposes (I can't think of any functional reason to put glass on the back). That's a risky design decision, and common sense would dictate that Apple should have at least insured the back glass was as durable as possible.

    Hopefully the back glass is the same material that's on the front (gorilla glass). If not, bad decision on Apple's part. The thing I'm having a problem with is the number of cracks and scratches that people are complaining about with the iPhone 4. The screen on my 3gs was nearly indestructible - I've dropped it countless times and it's never scratched or broken. Apple has touted the glass on the iPhone 4 as being even better, however anecdotal evidence so far suggests the opposite it true.
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    Wow some people just should buy iPhones if they don't take care of things. Next time buy a case
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    Is the crack a shatter or is it just a line. My iPhone 4 had a crack in it that was a line from the left to the right. After talking to apple support they said that I was going to have to pay the 199 fee, but after going in to the apple retail store they fixed it saying that "because it didn't shatter the could fix it.". Hope this helps. They gave me a new one by the way, make sure u have everything backed up.
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    I guess you should of been more careful or bought a case. Maybe you'll learn next time.
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    I would like you to replace my new truck. It is dented from me running into a brick wall. I was only going 25 miles per hour. WHAT, that isn't covered under warranty? You gotta be kidding me. I paid thirty-six thousand dollars for that truck. I will never buy a GMC again.

    When will we take responsibility for our actions? What will it take?
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    With regard to the glass being an aesthetic design feature. We knew that front and back were glass when we ordered them. Shouldn't be a shock that they crack when they are dropped. From a technical standpoint I would suggest a case. I like the bumper myself. It may not protect the glass much, but I like the aesthetic. If is breaks I will have it replace. Not the end of the world.
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    Or next time get the Square Trade insurance. They cover the phone for $5 a month. And they are real.
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    The problem isn't the glass. The problem is the glass edges are exposed and not covered by the stainless steel that wraps the phone. Any drop without a bumper or case can crack it easily. Blunt force on an edge trumps gorilla glass.
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    Then buy the bumper, it'a only $29. My wife has ordered one in every color to match her purses and outfits. I just checked out SquareTrade. You can buy two years coverage for $99 one time payment or $5.99 per month for 24 months. No a bad deal.

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    "Apple made a design decision" and that is why they should pay for damage, when it is dropped???? I just don't get it. Who did force you to buy that design? There are very nice plastic phones on the market which don't break when they fall ( and they are even cheaper). I would not give a high end (glass design) phone to my 5 year old son! If you can not avoid the fall, pay for it and don't whine. And NO Apple should not cover this. If they would the mature buyers that don't drop their "glass" phones would have to pay for the few that are not able or willing to take care for their luxury goods.
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    Has Louis Vuitton come out with an iPhone four case yet! The iPad one is not available until 2011. ;(
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    I'd just buy on Otterbox when they come out. The front glass will be protected in the future and you won't be able to see the back glass is cracked.