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kevin3494 Level 1 Level 1
I had the original iphone and iphone 3gs, both had been dropped multiple times with not as much as a scratch on them. I got my iphone 4 today and within 1 hour it slipped out of my pocket (30 incches from the ground) and fell to the hardwood floor. I picked it up to check it and there is a crack in the back glass from one side to the other. I thought this new screen was suppose to be extra tough? I guess not, 1st hour 1st drop and the screen is already cracked. I called apple to see about warranty....their we dont cover accidents, you will have to pay $199.99 to have it fixed. I think this is outrageous seeing as how they talked the toughness of the glass up. I feel like the screen should be able to take more than a 30 inch fall to a hardwood floor. I feel like apple should warranty my phone seeing as how they claimed the screen was so tough.

Iphone 4, iOS 4
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 Level 6
    Or you could just be more careful and look after your items.
    It is your responsibility, you dropped it.
    How do Apple know it was not thrown from a 3rd floor window?

    Warranty is for Manufacturing defects and faults.
    Insurance is for accidental damage, theft, loss.
  • VPD72 Level 1 Level 1
    This has been the case with every iphone. I don't agree with it and they should offer a one time replacement within warranty.

    Accidents happen - they aren't very lenient when it comes to it.

    My iphone crapped out from moisture from my body heat and where I was working (I'm in construction) so I went in and they saw the white tabs turn red and refused me and said it fell into water.

    I argued saying it didn't and there is no water within the phone. Didn't budge, had to pay $200 for a replacement.
  • Jbrown23 Level 1 Level 1
    well if you wait awhile im sure someone will figure out a way on how to fix the screens and u can just go to them my sister dropped her 3g and the whole screen was broken instead of paying 199 to get it fixed by apple she paid $50 to a guy who fixed it in 10 mins and he gave her 2 free cases
  • WALOS4 Level 1 Level 1
    Don't drop your phone. That's your bad for sure.
  • tonefox Level 6 Level 6
    The Apple warranty FAQ includes:

    4. What type of damages are not covered by my warranty?
    Apple's Limited Warranty for iPhone excludes coverage for damage resulting from accident, disassembly, unauthorized service and unauthorized modifications. Please review the warranty for further details.

    I would guess that dropping your iPhone from 30 inches onto a hardwood floor would be seen as damage resulting from accident.
  • kevin3494 Level 1 Level 1
    I am quite aware of the warranty info and what it covers as i have spoken to them on the phone twice now. Phones get dropped, it happens, like i said i dropped both of my old iphones without so much as a scratch on them. My complaint is that the new phone was suppose to have a super tough screen...obviously that isnt true if it cracked after one drop where my others lasted over periods of 2 years with multiple drops on all sorts of materials with nothing happening to them. Also i think the warranty should cover accidental damage, but maybe only once seeing as there is no insurance available for the iphones.
  • Faethor Level 1 Level 1
    And that is precisely why I didn't bother with that AppleCare nonsense. They don't cover accidents and any defects you have with the hardware are likely to appear very shortly after purchase and you are covered for the first year by law.

    AppleCare seems like a big waste of time to me. You would be better off claiming through your house and contents insurance or through your bank if they offer such a service. This assumes of course that you had that item covered before you dropped it, which doesn't sound likely.
  • Chris Hill2 Level 1 Level 1
    ***** you have tough luck.. But imo apple could have made a better attempt to manufacture some protection in unison with the iPhone 4 launch instead of leaving us assd out until third party producers catch up with the design.
  • Faethor Level 1 Level 1
    Has there been any confirmation on whether the front glass differs to the back? It may be they put some expensive Gorilla glass on the front and settled for some lesser product for the back. Chimp glass anyone?
  • gareth25 Level 1 Level 1
    I think the message is clear - if you want to avoid the glass cracking you should dress it with a case.

    The corners are the weak points so a bumper should be sufficient. Also the glass has been confirmed unofficially of course as Gorilla Glass, so it's certainly stronger than some of Apple's competitors screens.

    Sorry to hear about your iPhone though.
  • w7ox Level 4 Level 4
    VPD72 wrote:
    This has been the case with every iphone. I don't agree with it and they should offer a one time replacement within warranty.

    I wonder how much that would add to the price we'd all pay for the phone?

    Perhaps better would be to offer an optional insurance policy for those who want it. Since I've not damaged an iPhone in 3 years I'd rather be self insured as we all are now.

  • Mattlaw Level 1 Level 1
    I can't think of any manufacturers' warranty for anything that covers accidental damage.

    Insurance is available for iPhones, by the way.
  • Gesell89 Level 1 Level 1
    Check out Ghost Armor. Its suppose to self heal any kind of cracks that happen to your phone. I don't think they have it out for the 4G yet but it'll be out here in the next couple of weeks I'm guessing.
  • w7ox Level 4 Level 4
    Faethor wrote:
    AppleCare seems like a big waste of time to me.

    I've not needed it with any iPhone to date, but it sure bailed me out when my first MacBook failed twice after the first year. They replaced the DVD drive and the main logic board -- and for good measure the top case (keyboard and surround) so it looked like a new computer. Quick turnaround, too.

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