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Received the phone in the mail, then after a couple of tries with iTunes, it kept freezing up. So, I decide to click the restore button to factory settings and clear out the music/podcasts/etc. that was downloaded in the prior failed attempts. Well, less than half an hour of owning this machine, iTunes gives me an error stating: "iPhone" could not be restored. An unkown error occured (1611)

The screen is blank, and now I have this cute paper weight on my desk. So disappointed I am. Anyone else experience this?

Dell, Windows XP
  • EBSkater Level 2 (490 points)
    I, thankfully, did not end up with a paperweight. iTunes told me that it couldn't restore, and then the phone restarted and installed all my apps (but not folders. I really would like to get my app data back though...I have a lot of things setup, and my high scores that I want back!
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    well, what can I do? Looks like I have to get a refund or something because this does not work. I don't understand how/why it's so difficult to reinstall to OS on the device through iTunes...
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    I had the same problem with the 1611 error. My phone worked last night, then this morning nothing. I called Apple and ended up with a repair ID#. I have to send my phone back. Sorry to hear you're having similar problems
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    yeah, same problems. sync's but wont restore from 3GS iOS4 backup. have all my app's and contacts and other stuff but settings, message history, and a few other things are all lost. spent an hour on the phone with apple and their final words to me were, "sorry we cant help you."
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    Now if you are usen the operating system windows here is a simple trick
    my iphone 3gs and 4 wouldn't restore so I found out an easy way I know bit of as nerd.

    When you click the restore button on Itunes it says extracting then does nothing during this process Hit CNTRL + ALT + DEL and End itunes in the menu then reload Itunes and click restore should work keep trying it eventually works

    hope this helps I know how frustrating this is and also try swapping USB ports aswell