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    So far I'm on my way to the same end that you have come upon. I stopped by AT&T on my way home from work and received a new sim card. It worked for about 3 hours, then gave me the error message again. It seems to just take longer now. I'm stopping by the apple store tomorrow. I love this phone! It is awesome, just wish I wasn't experiencing this issue.
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    Same issue here, probably happened to me 40 times (I lost count). Made an appointment with a genius today who wanted to swap SIM cards, but I kindly asked him to just replace the phone which he did. Zero issues since then. There are duplicate threads predating this one. Good luck all!
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    I had the same problem from the 15 mintes after I left the apple store it showed no sim card - so i pulled over and looked to see and there was a sim card so I put it back and my phone worked, so I thought it was just no in correctly, then it kept happening every hour and I would have to reset my phone or take out and re-insert the card. Then I decided to go to the ATT store and replace the sim card, but the problem kept occurring - then I decided to make a reservation at the genius bar(they have extra phone just in that department specifically for defective phones to be replace) so I souldn't get an appt friday so I went in without one and within a half hour I had mine replaced and havent had any problens since and my battery also seems to last longer as well.

    take it in to get replaced!!!
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    Same problem here - hoping a software update will fix.

    We did restore from the backup of iOS4 running on the older 3GS...
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    Me too. Swapped sims at AT&T to no effect. An Apple rep is supposed to call me back sometime soon to check on the issue and arrange an exchange if it's still not working for me.
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    Hi All. In the last few days. I have replaced the SIM twice and even tried taping some paper to the back of the SIM to help it seat better. No luck. I did a full restore without any luck. I went to the Apple store this morning and they replaced my phone. They said I was the third person with this problem. I was getting dropped SIMs every 10 minutes or so. Now everything is working perfectly. Go get a replacement phone.
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    same here. had no sim error 6 times. went to apple store and got a replacement phone. no problems (knock on wood) yet....
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    also, quick note. the apple genius employee said that they got a memo about the problem, so apple knows about it.....
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    If you have the "no sim installed" issue, take it to your local apple store and they will replace it.. I believe it's a hardware malfunction, not a software issue. I've been dealing with it since i received my iPhone 4 and i have swapped out sim cards and restored the phone several times. Just go get it replaced if you are having this problem.
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    Went to the apple store to get it fixed. They cleaned out my phone to make sure that it wasn't pocket lint causing the problem. Luckily for me that the problem came back while I was close to the apple store. Went back in and exchanged phones. No problems so far.
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    I have had the same problem. The only "pattern" I have noticed is every time the phone connects to a wireless network it immediatly drops signal and states no sim card installed. Done all "resets" and "fixes" noted here and doesn't cure the problem. I have sent the phone back for a new one.
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    I had the same issue.
    The Fix is to have your iphone replaced.

    It helps if you have evidence so i would take screen shots of your iphone.
    Press home and power button at the same time.

    I provided that and they didn't really question me much afterword.
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    It's 1:55 am right now and just received a dreaded no sim card message. Ended up taking it out and putting t back in. Fixed the issue so far. Now I went onto the 3G and 3GS forum people reported updating to os 4 and receiving a no sim error also. Just made an appointment right now for tomorrow for the genius bar. Anyone who has gotten a replacement phone did it come in the actual retail box or was it a replacement box?
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    On another note also my service is solid where I live. But my reception got really low before the sim card message. Like I said ended up taking the card out to fix it. Just now my service started to get low again and did the airplane mode tip. And my service was strong again. Most likely a software issue. Willing to replace but honestly if the replacement isn't in a retail box I don't want to give this one up.
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    why didnt the new iPhone come with a SIM removal tool?